Santa Fe: a long weekend with an “excellent” tourist balance

Santa Fe: a long weekend with an “excellent” tourist balance
Santa Fe: a long weekend with an “excellent” tourist balance

The city experienced a four-day long weekend with an “excellent” tourist balance, according to municipal authorities. The provincial capital received visitors from all over the region, who enjoyed a wide range of events and activities.

The Municipality of Santa Fe, together with the private sector, offered a varied agenda of activities for all ages and tastes. Among the most notable proposals are:

Guided visits to the Jesuit Block, the CODE Planetarium, the House of Brigadier Estanislao López and the Municipal Cemetery.
Cultural events such as Divertimundo in the Progreso Market, the celebrations for Skate Day in the Candioti Skate Park, the Indie Market in the Progreso Market and Expressions in Los Altos in the Ariel Ramirez Room of the Belgrano Station.
Activities in private spaces such as the Brewery, the Planetarium and the Brigadier’s House.
Tourist Bus Rides.

High hotel occupancy

Hotel occupancy during the long weekend averaged 75%, with peaks of 85% in some establishments. 4-star hotels were the most chosen, followed by 3-star hotels and hostels. The average stay was 3 days.

Tourists who visited Santa Fe during the long weekend They came mainly from the province of Santa Fe (50.7%), Buenos Aires (45.3%) and neighboring countries such as Bolivia and Uruguay (4%).

The municipal authorities were very satisfied with the balance of the long weekend and highlighted the joint work of the public and private sectors to provide a quality tourist offer.

“The balance for this long weekend is excellent,” said the Undersecretary of Tourism of the Municipality of Santa Fe, Javier Dellamónica. “As is customary, both the public and private sectors work to provide a tourist, cultural and recreational offer with options for all tastes, which means that every tourist weekend on the calendar the city receives people from both cities of the province, as well as from other latitudes of the country and even from neighboring countries.”

Dellamónica also announced that they are already working on the agenda for the winter holidays, which will be “very varied” and will have proposals for all ages.


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