Four Guajiro municipalities in the Igac Desert Expedition

Igac officials will carry out an expedition in the upper Guajira desert.

The territories of Maicao, Uribia, Albania and Manaure They are municipalities prioritized by the Government of Change to carry out the cadastral update with a multipurpose approach that begins this June 26 and ends June 28 of the current year.

The Igac, the highest national cadastral authority in the country, will visit this area of ​​the department which was prioritized by the National Government to carry out the cadastral update.

This campaign will be accompanied by the institutional strategy Igac at handdesigned to visit municipalities that are far from the territorial headquarters and thus immediately attend to the procedures and concerns of citizens, facilitating timely and effective attention to their inhabitants.

Stivinson Rojas Atencio
Stivinson Rojas Atencio.

Desert Expedition It will start on June 26 in the municipality of Maicao and will later tour the municipalities of Uribia, Albania and Manaure, where the Institute will invite its inhabitants to carry out the free procedures related to cadastral management.

The Igac team of professionals will be present in each of these territories, who will assist and provide all the cartographic information of the municipalities, resolve concerns, among others.

We continue to generate different strategies that help us bring the institutional offer closer to each of the municipalities of our department, with our Desert Expedition campaign, we will visit the four municipalities in the north of La Guajira which were prioritized to carry out the cadastral update” he expressed Stivinson Rojas Atencioterritorial director of Igac in La Guajira.

The Institute remains committed to the department, which is why it has created different strategies to strengthen continuous dialogue with the communities, allowing citizens to clarify their concerns regarding the cadastral update and the decentralization of services in different parts of the department.



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