The Illegal “Chuzadas” returned in the Constitutional Court

The Illegal “Chuzadas” returned in the Constitutional Court
The Illegal “Chuzadas” returned in the Constitutional Court

In response to the complaint about alleged illegal interceptions and surveillance of one of the offices of the judges of the Constitutional Court, the Attorney General of the Nation, Luz Adriana Camargo Garzón, reported that she took action in this regard.

During the week, the Prosecutor’s Office received the complaint and ordered the initiation of an exhaustive investigation through the Unit of Delegated Prosecutors before the Supreme Court of Justice; The Attorney General’s Office has already ordered the opening of an investigation to clarify the facts. Magistrate Jorge Enrique Ibáñez Najar warned that his cell phone was being illegally tapped by State intelligence agencies.

The Attorney General has mobilized all available resources to advance the investigative actions quickly and rigorously. The objective is to establish the scope and impact of this delicate situation that was reported last Wednesday.

The communication policy of the Prosecutor’s Office is based on informing citizens in a clear, timely and transparent manner, guaranteeing equal access to all media. In this sense, the entity emphatically rejects any suggestion of deliberate or improper leak that could affect the safety, protection and integrity of both the complainants and the investigations, which by nature must remain confidential.

The Attorney General also confirmed that it is false that the Office of the Attorney General of the Nation has disclosed the document signed by one of the judges of the Constitutional Court.

President Gustavo Petro spoke out about the accusations of beating judges, opponents and journalists. Through a message on a social network, he stated that, from the first day of his government, the order to the intelligence agencies was not to use it against the opposition, the press or the courts. In addition, he emphasized that State intelligence focuses on the prosecution of serious crimes.

In an inspection of the National Intelligence Directorate (DNI), it was found that they do not even have devices to intercept private telephone services. According to the president, his government does not follow the practices of previous administrations.


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