Santa Fe hosted a conference on “Digital Gender Violence”

Santa Fe hosted a conference on “Digital Gender Violence”
Santa Fe hosted a conference on “Digital Gender Violence”

This Tuesday, the city of Santa Fe hosted an event on “Digital Gender Violence”, organized by the Ministries of Equality and Human and Public Development of the Prosecution; the Ombudsman’s Office, and the Faculty of Legal and Social Sciences (UNL).

On the occasion, a panel of experts from the MPA, the Ombudsman’s Office and the Gender Area of ​​the province was held, which culminated in a meeting where group experiences were shared with different representatives from municipalities, communes and organizations that were present at the event. Vélez Sarsfield Room of the Faculty of Legal and Social Sciences.

The undersecretary of Planning, Management and Strategic Evaluation – dependent on the Ministry of Equality and Human Development – Daniela Qüesta, said that “this is an activity that was generated from the presentation by the province of a bill that was developed together with the Ombudsman’s Office, to work on the issue of violence in digital environments.”

In that sense, he pointed out that “they are not new crimes, they are new ways of committing violence, so, first detect and recognize certain actions as violence and that the norm responds to that.”

Qüesta celebrated “the realization of these areas that allow us to discuss, chat and share experiences to make visible this type of violence that particularly affects women and adolescents, and that requires that the regulations adapt to these needs.”

Finally, the official expressed: “This experience will contribute to the legislative discussion, for the development of regulations that are as effective as possible. Digital environments are increasingly used in daily life, but they also expose us to many risks and we must try to avoid them, accompany and advise people who may be victims of this situation with a specific protocol for the case of young people. and adolescents, because they require a special approach.”


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