A Family Tragedy That Shocks the Community

A Family Tragedy That Shocks the Community
A Family Tragedy That Shocks the Community

In an event that has shocked the city of Coyhaique, a 16-year-old teenager has been accused of stabbing his own stepfather, leaving him in life risk. The Coyhaique Local Prosecutor’s Office has formalized the investigation and the minor has been placed in provisional admission. This case, which appears to be the result of a family discussionhas shaken the community and leads us to reflect on the importance of addressing family conflicts appropriately.

The Chilling Facts

According to preliminary reports, the incident occurred in the Saturday morning in a town in the upper sector of Coyhaique. The victim, a 46-year-old man, received five penetrating stab wounds in the chest area and one in the back. After the attack, the victim left his home and was assisted by a third partywho transferred him to the Coyhaique Hospital, where he was Underwent surgery and it is in life risk.

Investigation and Precautionary Measure

The Local Prosecutor’s Office of Coyhaique formalized the investigation against the 16-year-old teenager, accusing him of crime of frustrated homicide. According to the deputy prosecutor, Jaime Rojas, Given the seriousness of the facts, the Prosecutor’s Office asked the Guarantee Court to decree the precautionary measure of provisional detention of the accused.. The court, sharing the arguments presented, decreed this precautionary measure and set an investigation period of 80 days.

A Call to Reflection

This tragic case reminds us of the importance of addressing family conflicts appropriately and with due attention. It is essential that families have tools and resources to manage tense situations and prevent them from escalating to acts of violence. Furthermore, it is crucial that society as a whole commits to promote peaceful resolution of conflicts and to provide support to families in crisis situations.


This tragic case in Coyhaique reminds us that family violence can have devastating consequences. It is imperative that as a society we work together to prevent and address these problems, providing families with the resources and support necessary to manage conflicts constructively. Only in this way can we prevent tragedies like this from happening again.


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