She was charged because she attacked a young woman with a knife and caused injuries that deformed her face.

Few understand what happened on the afternoon of June 21, in a sector of an occupation of Viedma. Soledad suffered it in her body. The 19-year-old girl was attacked by Milagros Alejandra Martínez who was carrying a Tramontina-type knife, with which she made several cuts on her neck and face.

Prosecutor Ricardo Pridebailo recounted this Tuesday when the attack occurred and the consequences for the victim. He recalled that around 3:40 p.m. on June 21, in the vicinity of the sidewalk of the defendant’s home and its boundaries, on the first street, parallel to Street 2, between streets 19 and 21 of the Nueva Vida de Viedma , Martínez caused the victim Soledad AR puncture wounds to the face and neck, deforming her face.”

The prosecutor described the injuries with the police doctor’s certificate. He indicated that the victim suffered a wound on the face and base of the neck, frontal region of five centimeters, another on one of his cheekbones and on the chin, approximately three centimeters and base of the neck on the left side of the face. He described the injuries he attributed to Martínez as serious.

To sustain the charges against the suspected woman, presented the police procedure report from the police station that intervened and found the victim at the scene, the complaint from the young woman, who gave her story on Monday at the Viedma hospital and the statements of eyewitnesses. He asked for a period of four months to investigate the case.

The official defender Graciela Carriqueo, who assisted the accused, He did not oppose the filing of charges. “Did you understand, ma’am?” Judge Adrian Dvorzak asked her. “Yes,” the accused responded. And she remained silent.

Prohibitions that you must comply with

The prosecutor explained to the judge that he had no interest in the accused remaining detained. He only requested that a ban be imposed on approaching the victim and his relatives, who are witnesses, from 300 meters away, and on contact of any kind.

Founded the order in the need for the accused not to hinder the investigation by putting pressure on the victim or witnesses. In addition, she requested that she be monitored with an electronic bracelet.

The defender did not object. She only reported that Martínez would move to a relative’s house, to leave the shooting while the investigation lasted.

After listening to the prosecutor and the defender, The judge admitted the charges against the woman and the provisional qualification indicated by the prosecution. And he imposed a prohibition on approach and contact as requested by the Public Prosecutor’s Office. After the hearing, the accused was released.

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