Who was alias “Hermes”, the dejected ringleader for whom Otty Patiño apologized?

Who was alias “Hermes”, the dejected ringleader for whom Otty Patiño apologized?
Who was alias “Hermes”, the dejected ringleader for whom Otty Patiño apologized?

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Alias ​​Hermes – a dissident from the Second Marquetalia who was killed during military operations in Nariño – was the protagonist during a space during the installation of the dialogue table with that dissident group. Otty Patinohigh commissioner for peace, lamented the death of the subversive and described it as “fateful.”

“To deeply regret the events of yesterday, events that cannot be called incidents because that is making them light and insignificant. It is something fateful and we have mistreated the trust that we have been creating since February with the Second Marquetalia,” said Commissioner Patiño during the installation of the table in Caracas (Venezuela).

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Patiño was referring to alias Hermes, a dissident who died in the middle of the fighting between the Public Force and the insurgent group in the rural area of ​​the municipality of Roberto Payán (Nariño). The illegal was one of the leaders of the Alfonso Cano bloc and had multiple proceedings against him for different crimes.

“Hermes” was accused of committing selective homicides, drug trafficking, illegal mining and recruiting minors. He had a current arrest warrant and the Prosecutor’s Office was investigating him for his apparent responsibility in the crimes of conspiracy, manufacturing, carrying and trafficking of weapons, ammunition and explosives.

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“It is something fateful and that is how the president, the Minister of Defense and the high command of the Military Forces understand it, in such a way that the fact that we are sitting here means that there is temperance,” Patiño continued in an apparent show of forgiveness. of the State as a whole.

“Hermes” was 50 years old and belonged to the 29th front of the extinct FARC. He managed to lay down his weapons when the 2016 Peace Agreement was signed and began his reintegration process in the Betania Veredal Zone. He later returned to illegality and joined the group founded by Iván Márquez, El Paisa, Romaña and Jesús Santrich.

Two other illegals also died in the middle of the fighting and three more were injured. The Public Force recovered a minor who was carrying a rifle at the scene of the confrontation.

Although the death of “Hermes” caused tension during the installation of the dialogue table, the first cycle of conversation with these dissidents is maintained and will run until June 29.

Although Patiño regretted the death of the illegal, heThe parties have not yet reached an agreement on the ceasefire and, therefore, operations against that armed group continue by official forces.

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