Elena Gouliakova, the Russian skating star, who today lives on the streets of Mexico

Elena Gouliakova, the Russian skating star, who today lives on the streets of Mexico
Elena Gouliakova, the Russian skating star, who today lives on the streets of Mexico

In sports, success stories are remembered for a lifetime, however, on the other hand, those of failure, those of struggle, those of complications and adversities, are the ones that remain in the minds and hearts of the fans and today we will tell you about one of those. That of a Russian skating star, who came to Mexico to help the athletes, who changed the way of looking at winter disciplines and who now, far from glory, lives every day with pain, suffering and abandonment.

This is Elena Gouliakova, a Russian skating star, who in the 90s became relevant together with her partner and husband, Nikolay Suetov, and who at the beginning of this century decided to come to Mexico to look for a new adventure, but life played against them and he is missing and she wanders the streets, with dirty and torn clothes, starving and unable to communicate with people.

Several videos have gone viral on social networks where the woman is seen wandering the streets of Tepatitlán, in Jalisco, carrying a stroller where she carries animals, which she cares for, but which, like her, look in poor condition. They have seen her with dogs, cats, roosters and even a rabbit. It is also common to see her asleep at ATMs and outside stores or bridges.

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It is recorded that both Elena and Nikolay arrived in Mexico in 2003 and looked for work in schools or sports institutions in different states, but found nothing stable. They supported themselves with private classes or courses in local sports, mainly from Nuevo León.

By 2005, the couple was finally given an opportunity and set a standard in the Mexican Federation of Ice Skating and Winter Sports. They worked with the national athletes ahead of the Turin Olympic Games in 2006 and fought to get more support and improve the facilities of that unit.

However, and according to several journalistic notes and local reports in Nuevo León. Elena began to suffer from anxiety problems and mental disorders that were damaging her career and her personal life, to such an extent that her husband left her and from then on, she began her ordeal.

She disappeared from the public eye for several years, until in 2013 she appeared admitted to the psychiatric area of ​​the Topo Chico prison, without knowing the reasons for her detention. She spent a few months behind bars before being released and back on the streets.

Elena Gouliakova, the Russian skater who lives on the streets of Jalisco


His story was known in Monterrey and its surroundings, but little by little he was forgotten, until a few months ago, various recordings of him appeared on TikTok, wandering in Tepatitlán, Jalisco, where he is seen in critical condition. She is malnourished, unhygienic and has problems communicating, despite the fact that it is known that she learned Spanish.

It is also known that in NL, the municipal government tried to help her and together with the Russian embassy they heard about her case, but she always returned to the streets. Nowadays, various people want to give her a hand, but she refuses, she pretends not to understand what she is being told and only eats when someone leaves her a plate or leftovers.

Elena was the national skating champion in an amateur tournament in 1993 and was part of the Russian team for the Winter Olympics in Nagano, Japan in 1998, however she did not make it to the joust when she was cut in the last filters.

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