“Profession Danger”, by David Leicht: anonymous heroes of the big screen | With Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt

“Profession Danger”, by David Leicht: anonymous heroes of the big screen | With Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt
“Profession Danger”, by David Leicht: anonymous heroes of the big screen | With Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt


(The Fall Guy; United States, 2024)

Address: David Leitch.

Script: Drew Pearce and Glen A. Larson.

Duration: 126 minutes.

Performers: Ryan Gosling, Emily Blunt, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Hannah Waddingham, Teresa Palmer.

Premiere in cinemas.

They are the unsung heroes in every action movie since time immemorial, and yet there is no category at the Oscars that celebrates them. The lament is heard at a certain moment in Profession dangervery loosely inspired by the series from the ’80s of the same name and starring Lee Majors. There Colt Seavers was a stunt double who, outside of his work in front of the cameras, transformed into a fearsome bounty hunter, of course using all his skills as stuntman in real life. The new Seavers has the face of Ryan Gosling and there is no side job in his life, but there is a budding romance with a camerawoman, Jody (Emily Blunt), until a terrible accident on the set that could have ended his life leaves him out of circulation for almost two years. Isolated from everything and everyone, converted into a valet in a restaurant parking lot and having cut ties with the world, the call of an influential production company thaws him and takes him back to the universe of action.

Jody is filming her first movie in Australia, a futuristic blockbuster with some Mad Max and another bit of Dune, an action film that is also a romance between a space cowboy and an alien. But shortly after arriving Colt realizes that Jody was not looking forward to him but quite the opposite and, to complicate things even more, the star of the film within the film, an actor with pretensions whom Colt has “dubbed” On hundreds of occasions, he has disappeared from filming. Led by specialist David Leitch (Deadpool 2, Bullet train, Fast and Furious: Hobbs & Shaw), Profession danger In its more than two hours, it conjures several intentions: that of being an action film with a twist, or a meta-action moviewithout leaving aside the “remarriage” comedy (great definition by critic Stanley Cavell), at the same time ironic and sincere and, finally, press the accelerator of the follytaking advantage of Gosling’s qualities to put on a stone face in the most extreme circumstances.

Not everything works Profession danger, but the best weapons appear when the plot is based on an unusual investigation by the protagonist, who has become a detective, to save his ex’s production. A corpse that appears and disappears as if by magic, a fight sequence under the effects of a powerful drug, the use of the split screen as a self-aware resource and the impossible confession in the middle of filming an action scene are played at the same time. most absolute absurdity. And in that surrender to nonsense, Leitch’s film adds several grains. Of course, the real heroes continue to be the stunt doubles, who in a game of competing mirrors double in real life those who do that work in fiction.

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