5 animated movies to see if you liked it

In Garfield (2024), the illustrious orange cat from the cartoons, takes on new life. Not only, because the feature film explores — for the first time on the big screen — his origins. Also, because it manages to turn the well-known story of the moody feline, with a love of lasagna and a dislike for Mondays, into a story of growth. With the voice of Chris Pratt, the character becomes much more unique and complex than could be assumed. One, who also lives an adventure that can make you laugh and cry almost in the same sequence. A surprise — and delight — for lovers of animated films.

The film is the latest addition to the growing collection of good plots that use animation as a vehicle for experimentation. In particular, they delve into the format’s ability to allow creative freedom rarely found in others. But nowadays, it should be added, the capacity that the genre has to encompass both adult plots and other more innocent ones. Everything, in the midst of an extravagant humor that uses drawing, color and music, to explore the noble and naive of human nature.

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We leave you five movies that you can see if you liked it Garfield. From an instant classic with a Spanish signature, to the celebration of the Disney centenary. The selection covers the most interesting from the world of contemporary animated films and also, its infinite and exciting possibilities. The best it can offer to the world of cinema.

Robot Dreams

The unique friendship between a robot and a dog is the center of this melancholic premise that the screenwriter Pedro Berger took to the dimension of a modern fairy tale. One that also moves us to tears, thanks to its way of delving into friendship, love and the pain of loss. But, especially, being a metaphor about the search for purpose and transcendence.

With all the rhythm of a silent film, the Oscar-nominated Robot Dreams, uses simple animation to make its plot more endearing. Particularly, when it becomes a moving journey that finds its most endearing moments in the most symbolic.

From New York, which Berger imagines mechanized and shiny, to the seashore, with its twilight tints. The film crosses different landscapes, in a way of expressing the passage of time, learning and redemption. For its emotional finale, Robot Dreams, creates a world tailored to you that becomes uA dream vision about the passage of time and the links that survive oblivion.

Kung Fu Panda Saga

The giant panda, voiced by Jack Black, has come a long way since his first adventure in 2008. First in search of his identity as a hero and then, becoming one, facing all kinds of dangerous enemies.

The truth is that the character became one of the most endearing figures in the world of contemporary animation. Especially because of the way in which the saga combines good heart with the best action scenes. With its exploration of gender wuxia Chinese, to whom he pays loving tribute in several of his most successful sequences, Po’s adventures demonstrate action’s ability to mix various cinematic elements.

But it has been the event of Kung Fu Panda 4, which shows that even though more than a decade has passed since its arrival in the cinema, the franchise is not growing any more. Much more, by delving into its universe and characters, to even create a new generation of heroes. If yours are plots that make you laugh out loud, but can also move, The Dragon Warrior’s adventures are for you.

Ruby: Adventures of a Teenage Kraken

Ruby (Lana Condor), is a teenager, who like any other, is trying to get allowed to go to the prom. Only, there is a problem. She’s not really a girl. In reality, she and her family are sea creatures posing as humans. And not just anyone: they are all part of the excellent race of the Kraken, destined to protect the sea and the entire world from the dangers that lurk in it.

But Rubi doesn’t know — or doesn’t want — to know anything about it, as she tries to fit in at Oceanside High, the high school she attends. Much more so, when her only friend is Chelsea (Annie Murphy), an incognito mermaid on the mainland and daughter of the mortal enemy of the Kraken kingdom, she becomes the center of attention. Everything will get worse when both girls decide to confront the designs of both marine kingdoms and join forces to escape the destiny they inherited from their respective mothers. And in the case of Rubi, majestic grandmother.

Of course, nothing is that simple and soon Rubi will discover that her formidable nature calls her to fulfill her destiny. That he is none other than protecting those who need it, from the stalking of evil creatures. And in his case, one that has been closer than he thought. With a more complex story than it appears and a vocal cast that includes Jane Fonda and Toni Collette, Ruby: Adventures of a Teenage Krakencaptivates. Also, It is an adorable surprise for animation lovers.

Orion and the Darkness

Screenwriter Charlie Kaufman took many children’s fear of the dark and turned it into an endearing story about facing fears and leaving pain behind. But much more, in a story that approaches the elements of fairy tales, without pretending to be one. So there is a lot of twisted sense of humor and also, a very subtle and intelligent philosophical undercurrent.

All of the above converts to Orion and the Darkness, available on Netflix, in a strange mix between the experiences of a young child in a coming age classic and, at the same time, in a reflection on maturity. That, among dozens of jokes that only adults — and passionate readers — will catch, without that making his argument any less innocent and childish.

For its amazing and emotional ending, which will delight classic film lovers, the film made something clear. It is as much a joy for those who long for their childhood as it is for the little ones at home. An unusual combination that the film achieves with skill.

Wish: The power of wishes

The celebration of the centenary of the Disney studio is less lavish than expected and could seem like another story of a young woman in search of her destiny. But in reality, Asha’s (Ariana DeBose) adventure in search of the power that makes the heart’s desires come true, sums up the company’s long history in the world of cinema.

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At the same time, explore the wide repertoire of animated stories in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. The result is a sincere and, if you will, humble tribute to a trajectory that changed the Hollywood industry. At the same time, a recognition of all the characters who, sooner or later, made Disney endearing. And although the film doesn’t always achieve everything it promises, it does end up being so charming and moving like a good fairy tale. Which in the end, is what it is.

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