The seven best Netflix movies arriving this May

We have made a selection that has everything you need according to the mood in which you find yourself. Grab your favorite tub of ice cream and enjoy. Or to cry.

May 6, 2024, 2:23 p.m.

Updated May 6, 2024, 2:36 p.m.

Although the good weather is getting closer and closer, there is always a little space throughout the week to enjoy the typical movie and blanket plan. Well, okay, now there is a blanket and soon with air conditioning. In fact, you can even change popcorn for ice cream. Or even enjoy both, call us crazy. That’s of course up to you, we leave you here a selection of the best movies coming to Netflix this month of May.


unfrosted, in its original title, arrived on the payment platform on May 3. A few days ago we were wondering why content from the sitcom Seinfeld suddenly kept coming out on TikTok and the answer is in this film, Jerry Seinfield’s first film as a director.

The background of this story is the rivalry between Kellogg’s and Post during the 60s to appropriate the breakfasts of Americans at that time. As a result of the struggle Pop Tarts arrived.

The bride’s mother

Obviously we had to include a romantic comedy here. Of course, if what you feel like is having a little cry, you can watch the third episode of this Prime Video series with Anne Hathaway.

The bride’s mother is the latest work from the iconic and beautiful Brooke Shields (Lana) and Nickelodeon child star Miranda Cosgrove (Emma). They play the roles of mother and daughter respectively in a film that starts from the premise that Emma makes a bombshell announcement of her wedding in Thailand in just a month. The next turn of events? That her fiancé is son of the man who broke her heart to Lana years ago.

Available from May 9. And if these movies are your thing, we also recommend our favorite romantic comedy from Prime Video.

Life among leopards

If you are a fan of nature documentaries narrated by David Attenborough, it is surely worth giving a chance to this title that arrives on Netflix on May 10.

A recording team follows the lives of two puppies until they become adults, observing how they develop at each stage. We’ve seen some images from the trailer and we just want to hug the baby leopards all the time.

The hours

With a cast led by Meryl Streep, Nicole Kidman and Julianne Moore, little could go wrong in The Hours, a 2002 film that was nominated for nine Oscars, although it ultimately only won one, which Kidman won in the Best Actress category.

The film unites the three actresses through the writer Virginia Woolf and her novel Mrs. Dalloway, played by Nicole Kidman, and is based on the lives of the three women in different times of the 20th century. Julianne Moore for her part is an unhappy wife who reads the book in 1951 and Streep is a bisexual editor from New York who cares for a friend suffering from AIDS with whom she had a relationship during her youth.

The search for the meaning of life as a backdrop, fears, threats, illusions and hope demonstrating that we are not so different from what we were.

It arrives on Netflix on May 15.

The Matrix: Resurrections

You may not have experienced it, but there are still people out there asking if you would take the blue pill or the red pill. And yes, there are films that mark, especially certain profiles, and Matrix is one of them.

To the surprise of the fans of the saga, 22 years after the last premiere Lana Wachowski, without her sister Lilly, decided to give life to this new film, which picks up the story right where it left off just over two decades ago with a Neo that carries a life that is quite ordinary and far from what it was and a Trinity back that makes everything make some sense again.

Perhaps the approach to the distinction Between fiction and reality It would be good for us to realize if we are being too delulu (delirious) regarding certain things in our present.

Available on the platform on May 22.

bullet train

When bullet train was on a promotional tour, a rumor spread that two of its protagonists, Joey King and Aaron Taylor-Johnson, had had a affair during filming. However, it seems that the thing remained in urban rumors.

Naps in mode destroyer or you just like action movies, this one is for you. With Brad Pitt at the helm, five hitmen travel on the same bullet train from Tokyo to Morioka and, obviously, it is no coincidence. Who’d say. Now we have to discover what happens while the journey lasts and what awaits them when it comes to an end. Whoever survives, of course, because with such a breeding ground, who knows.

Solve the mystery starting May 29.

The Bridgertons

Of course we know that it is not a movie, but we had to record the arrival of the third season of The Bridgertons to Netflix. Take note: starting May 16 you will be able to enjoy the noble love affairs of the most popular family at court, which this time seems to be related to the Featheringtons, that is, to Lady Whistledown herself.

In the meantime, you can content yourself with these four essential period soap operas.

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