The crazy Netflix comedy with an all-star cast that will make you laugh non-stop

The crazy Netflix comedy with an all-star cast that will make you laugh non-stop
The crazy Netflix comedy with an all-star cast that will make you laugh non-stop

Netflix continues to surprise with its releases and in May a comedy arrived that parodies the fight between the cereal companies in the 1960s in Michigan. It is nothing more and nothing less than “Unglazed” (Unfrosted: The Pop-Tart Story), a film directed by and starring Jerry Seinfeld.

The crazy comedy of Netflix It has an all-star cast including Hugh Grant and Melissa McCarthy. There are also top supporting actors who bring the plot to life, including Jim Gaffigan as Edsel Kellogg III and Amy Schumer as Marjorie Post, the person who runs the competing company.

The story of Unglazed

Unglazed It takes place in Michigan, specifically in Battle Creek where a particular business dispute takes place. The cereal companies’ fight to stand out in the breakfast market leads Kellogg’s executive, Bob Cabana, played by Jerry Seinfeld, to turn to his former partner, Dona Donna Stankowski (Melissa McCarthy), who works at NASA on a project revolutionary.

The film is in the top 10 on Netflix. Source: Netflix

But not everything stops there, the film Netflix shows a look behind the cereal mascots where renowned actor Hugh Grant stands out as the boring British actor who will give life to Tony the Tiger.

Somehow, in this film Netflix The fact that a woman could run a large company in the 60s in the United States is also shown. In addition to being a time travel movie, this film pays tribute to the humor of Seinfeld. Fun things appear throughout the story like an organized milk union, played by Christian Slater and Peter Dinklage, as well as two young men exploring garbage bins.

The inspiration

Many do not know it, but to do this movie which can be seen in Netflix, Seinfeld was inspired by a joke with screenwriter Spike Feresten. That anecdote of the creatives about making a movie about Pop-Tarts finally became a fact and the movie has already entered the top 10 on the streaming platform.

This premiere of Netflix It also alludes to the pioneers in the cereal industry, William Post and Charles William Post. In addition, the film provides a deep focus because it manages to balance absurd humor with important details about innovation and competition.

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