“When Evil Stalks”, the multi-award-winning Argentine horror film coming to Netflix

Considered the best Argentine horror film of all time, “When evil lurks”, directed by Demián Rugna, arrives on Netflix on June 14. This chilling film was acclaimed by critics and the public, winning the Award for Best Film at the SITGES Festival and receiving recognition at the Mórbido festival in Mexico, where it also won the audience award.

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Besides, “When Evil Stalks” was nominated in the category of Best Ibero-American Film by the Argentine Film Academy, consolidating its position as a masterpiece of horror cinema.. Even Slash, the legendary guitarist of Guns ‘N Roses, praised the film and declared himself a fan of Rugna’s works, including his previous works such as “Terrified”, “The Sinister” and “Damn Sean!”.

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The first movie poster for “When Evil Stalks”

With a talented cast and a plot that invites you to be super attentive, “When evil stalks” is one of the pieces that leaves the national production on top.

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Regarding this world premiere on Netflix, Demián Rugna makes clear his recognition of the festivals and mentions his excitement for the upcoming premiere. “It is incredible that a film produced in Argentina has this impact. “I am very grateful to the festivals and I hope that audiences around the world enjoy this work as much as we enjoy doing it,” said the director.

What “When Evil Stalks” is about, Netflix’s new Argentine bet

The film “When Evil Stalks” proposes that you travel to a lost town in the Argentine countryside, where two brothers, Pedro and Jaime, discover the presence of a man possessed by a demon or “embichado.” To their horror, they realize that this evil being is about to give birth to absolute evil.

Determined to save their community, the brothers try to warn the neighbors about the threat that looms over them. However, their efforts only accelerate the arrival of evil. The demon is born and unleashes a torrent of chaos and destruction on the town, forcing everyone to flee for their lives.

As darkness takes over the place, Pedro and Jaime find themselves immersed in a desperate fight to survive. But can they escape the influence of evil that surrounds them? With a chilling plot and unexpected twists, “When Evil Stalks” promises to keep us on the edge of our seats at every moment.

Who are the protagonists of “When Evil Stalks”

The cast of the film “When Evil Stalks” on Netflix is ​​made up of: Ezequiel Rodríguez, Demián Salomón, Silvina Sabater, Virginia Garófalo, Luis Ziembrowski, Emilio Vodanovich, Marcelo Michinaux, Paula Rubinsztein and Desiré Salgueiro.

When evil lurks

The Argentine horror film generated a great impact on both specialized critics and horror film fans, generating expectations among fans for its next release on the prestigious streaming platform. The success of “When Evil Stalks” at prominent festivals such as SITGES and Mórbido catapulted the career of Demián Rugna as one of the most prominent directors in the horror genre.

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