‘The Boys’: Homelander is named superhero of the year by TIME magazine

The Boys series – 63% is a smash hit on Prime Video, capturing audiences’ attention with its bold and dark vision of the world of superheroes. Among the most notable characters is Homelander, played masterfully by Antony Starr, who managed to be one of the most loved and hated characters at the same time. With his chilling charisma and complex duality, Homelander left an indelible mark on popular culture.

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Who is Homelander?

Homelander, leader of the Seven, is the personification of strength and power, but also corruption and narcissism. His intricate nature makes him a subject of fascination for both fans and critics, who constantly debate his actions and motivations. His ability to inspire and terrify in equal measure is what has made him an icon within the universe of The Boys.

Homelander for TIME

Superhero of the year?

Recently, Homelander was named superhero of the year by the magazine TIME, a recognition that works as advertising for the series and at the same time is part of the metagame proposed by the producers. The magazine interviewed Homelander to discuss this honor, addressing topics about his influence and legacy. Below are some key moments from this interview, where Homelander expresses his thoughts on recognition and its impact on society.

When TIME asked Homelander how he feels about receiving this prestigious honor, he responded with a mix of modesty and confidence. “Sure, it’s an honor, but awards like this are not what motivates me every day. Think about this: if I don’t save people, who will? Without me, the world would burn. Literally. Fire and blood” . This response reflects her perception of being indispensable and his disdain for superficial praise.

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As for what he hopes to inspire in people with this recognition, Homelander noted: “A little respect wouldn’t hurt. With all the hate and discrimination and completely unfounded legal accusations against superheroes lately, I hope this makes people people will stop and think about all the sacrifices we make for them. And maybe they will be inspired to be heroes in their own small ways.” Here, Homelander addresses the controversy surrounding superheroes and seeks to remind audiences of the contributions he and his colleagues make.

On how he sees himself in the story and how he hopes to be remembered, Homelander commented, “That makes me seem like I’m old-fashioned. The accomplishments I want to be remembered for… haven’t happened yet.” Comparing himself to historical figures like Jesus, Gandhi, and Dr. King, Homelander expresses his frustration at the lies being told about him, but remains hopeful that one day he will be seen as a legend, just like them.

The Boys 4

The arrival of the fourth season of The Boys It filled the fans with joy. With the recent announcement that the series will culminate with season five, viewers are eager to see how the conflicts will unfold and what the final fate of Homelander and the rest of the characters will be. The series keeps its audience in suspense with its unexpected twists and provocative narrative, and the upcoming seasons are expected to continue this trend.

Homelander’s recognition as superhero of the year by TIME not only underlines its importance within the series, but also its impact on popular culture. As The Boys moves toward its conclusion, fans can expect more intense and memorable moments that will continue to explore the complexities of superheroes and their consequences on the world around them.

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