It has driven Stephen King crazy and you can watch it on Netflix. You will love this movie if you like animal horror

It has driven Stephen King crazy and you can watch it on Netflix. You will love this movie if you like animal horror
It has driven Stephen King crazy and you can watch it on Netflix. You will love this movie if you like animal horror

This is a movie with a somewhat strange initial premise.

According to Stephen King, it’s pretty good

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Sometimes we find truly surprising films within the gigantic monster genre. This year Godzilla Minus One has swept the scene and it is no wonder since it is an excellent film. However, there are others with much stranger premises that leave you dumbfounded. Imagine for a moment a film about a huge shark in the Tagus, the Douro or the Ebro. Well, some French filmmakers had an idea similar with a shark in the Seine river that passes through Paris and the truth is that according to Stephen King they have gotten a round film. The writer himself has drawn attention to this event on his social networks.

A movie about ocean monsters… in a river

Sophie is a scientist who has discovered something terrifying. In the deepest part of the river that runs through Paris lives a colossal and terrifying shark who can cause real carnage if she is not quick enough to stop her voracious hunger. With this pretext she starts In the depths of the Seineone of those movies with a really hilarious premise that is difficult to take seriously.

The plot of the film could well lead us to an Asylum film like Sharknado. Films with minimal budgets and really tacky that evoke times gone by when video stores were still the daily life of young people and not so young people. Times have changed, video store meat is now meat from the streaming platforms and that is why we find in them premises as unlikely as they are fun.

However, according to Stephen King, this film is quite good, especially in its final stretch as he commented on his profile on the social network X, formerly known as Twitter.

I thought that In the depths of the Seine It was going to be a joke movie, like SHARKNADO, but Twitter convinced me to give it a chance and watch it and it’s actually pretty good. The last 25 minutes are amazing.

In this way, the truth is that it is worth giving the film a chance. Stephen King is an expert in horror films, as he could not be otherwise after having established himself as the greatest writer of the genre of our era.

While it is true that the reviews have been mixed and that it is not the most eye-catching film due to its premise, the truth is that the setting and the plot They make the whole thing very fun to watch and with a tremendous climax.

It is worth giving this movie a chance, but to do so we will have to have a subscription to the Netflix catalog since it is available exclusively for this platform where the French cinema has been carving out a quite notable niche for itself.

Watch ‘In the Depths of the Seine’ on Netflix

Likewise, the platform has thousands of other movies in its catalog, as well as series of the best quality. In fact, it is rare that some week there won’t be a bomb on Netflixthis month being especially notable with the final part of season three of The Bridgertons.

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