The director of Alien: Romulus reveals how his film will differ from other modern productions

The director of Alien: Romulus reveals how his film will differ from other modern productions
The director of Alien: Romulus reveals how his film will differ from other modern productions

In space no one can hear you. Alien: Romulus, release August 15, only in theaters.

There’s less and less left until Alien: Romulus, the ninth film in the popular xenomorph franchise hits theaters and the expectation is growing. The director in charge of the project is Fede Alvarez that, honoring the legacy of Ridley Scott and James Cameronaims to take us to the beginning of the saga with the promise of more action, atrocious deaths and a lot of gore.

As he did with the saga of Evil Dead In 2013, the Uruguayan filmmaker aims to right the course of the property with brutal sequences, action and a return to practical effects that will differentiate his film from other modern blockbusters. ”If it can be made practical, it will be made practical”, stated the director in a recent interaction with the press. The position of Alvarez, which is shared by many modern moviegoers, is that the industry has become too reliant on computer-generated imagery. However, he believes that the use of models, animatronics and prosthetics will be a special way to generate the desired impact on the public.

Ideally, we trick you, which is what I think movies, to some extent, have stopped trying to do. Maybe because it’s a different thing, I don’t know, it’s not to go against Marvel or DC movies, but I don’t think they try to be photorealistic“, he acknowledged Fede Alvarez. “I have this obsession with not using green screens, so we build every creature and set. “Everything had to be built so that we were truly living and breathing in these spaces.”he added.

Alien Romulus (2024) Credits: 20th Century Studios

Previously, the director of Alien: Romulus He confessed that to carry out these special effects he summoned the team that had already worked for the second film in the saga. “We brought all the Aliens guys. They were in their early twenties when they made Aliens, and were part of Stan Winston’s team. And now we had them at the top of their career. They have their own workshops, so we bring them all together to work on all the creatures“, he highlighted Alvarez.

In Alien: Romulus The crew that will face the deadly creatures and scream without much success will be made up of young actors such as Cailee Spaeny (Civil War), Isabella Merced (Madame Web), Archie Renaux (Shadow and Bone) and David Johnson (Rye Lane). As revealed in its first preview, in search of improving their living conditions, the group will venture into a Weyland Corporation research station to steal valuable equipment. However, the ticket to a better future will be too expensive for them when they themselves begin to be brutally hunted.

The new of Alien is scheduled to hit theaters on August 16, 2024.

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