the most powerful singer in the world

the most powerful singer in the world
the most powerful singer in the world

Fans of Taylor Swift, and music in general, are in luck because the singer has just released a new album, the eleventh of her career. With its 31 songs, ‘The Tortured Poets Department’ has revalidated her title as queen of music and has once again demonstrated that for Taylor writing songs is not just a job, it is also a therapy, as she once again opens on the channel about their emotions and their romantic relationships.

Taylor is enjoying her best professional moment, sweeping her tour ‘The Eras Tour’, which lands in Madrid at the end of May. It is the most lucrative tour in history, with which he has managed to raise more than one billion euros, surpassing Elton John, who until now had the most successful tour. ‘The Eras Tour’, the film that was released in theaters on the tour, has also become the highest-grossing musical film in history. With her new album she has sold more than a million copies on its first day. These are incredible figures at a time of crisis in the sale of records and CDs. But where Taylor reigns undisputedly is on the Internet.

In 2023 she was the most listened to artist on Spotify and Apple Music. On the day of its release, her latest album was listened to 300 million times on the Internet. With the previous one, she got 700 million listeners in one week. Taylor is the richest female artist in the world at only 34 years old. Her influence is not limited to music, her success and rise are studied in universities around the world and she is considered a cultural phenomenon. She owes much of that success to a legion of fans with whom she maintains a direct and permanent connection. In an industry in which stars fight for her privacy and to distance themselves from the general public, she opens up in her songs and speaks openly and without any glamor about her fears and insecurities.


Suffer for love

In her new album Taylor talks about her two most recent breakups, with British actor Joe Alwyn and musician Matty Healy. Joe Alwyn has been her longest relationship, almost six years. Sources close to the singer say that she got tired of waiting for him to ask her to marry him and that she felt that she gave herself more than he did to her relationship. She and Matty Healy had a brief romance after breaking up with Alwyn and their relationship was short and devastating. In one song she tells him: “You are what you did, and I will forget you, but I will never forgive you, you are the smallest man that ever lived.”

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