Steve Harris (Iron Maiden) travels to Portugal to play a soccer match for a good cause

June 13, 2024 11:46 am
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Photo: Pablo Gándara

The passion of Steve Harris for football will once again take the bassist and leader of Iron Maiden to step onto the grass of a large stadium, this time in Portugal and for a good cause, surrounded by great sports stars and celebrities of Portuguese society.

The match will take place next Saturday, June 15 at the Algarve Stadium and responds to the initiative of the Play4Children Association and Red Crossto whom the legends of the Glasgow Rangers and faces as well known to fans as those of Ricardo Quaresma, Nico Pareja, Capucho or Bruno Alves. Since the Iron Maiden networks This message comes accompanying a video of Harris himself encouraging people to attend the game: “Steve Harris will be playing in a charity match for football legends this Saturday at 8pm at the Algarve Stadium in Portugal. It only costs €2.50 to enter and by participating you will help the most disadvantaged children in the Algarve, so gather your friends and I hope to see you there.”

In the video, we have the bassist posing with the stadium in the background of the landscape: “Here I am, in the beautiful Algarve in Portugal. Over my shoulder is the Algarve Stadium, whatever you want to call it, and that’s where I’m going to play for charity on Saturday at 8pm. It’s for the disadvantaged children of Portugal. So it’s a very good cause. So if you can go, do it. I think it only costs two or three euros to enter, or something like that, but try to get a few people together and go there and support it. Do not miss it”.

It must be remembered that Harris’s football hobby also accompanies Iron Maiden on their tours, with examples such as the defeat at the hands of the Borussia Dortmund veterans and in our country last 2023 with the match against Barça directors at the Barcelona Football Club Sports City.



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