Taylor Swift breaks the internet for her peculiar dance on The Eras Tour

Taylor Swift breaks the internet for her peculiar dance on The Eras Tour
Taylor Swift breaks the internet for her peculiar dance on The Eras Tour

The famous American singer and songwriter, Taylor swift, breaks the internet for his peculiar dance during his performance of the song “Fearless” in

a concert

offered in the city of Edinburgh, Scotland, as part of their world tour The Eras Tour.

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Taylor Swift’s particular dance at her last concert

Shakira has confirmed that Hips do not lieand Tay Tay He wanted to prove it by dancing on stage, shaking his whole body for the pleasure of his fans; however, some swifties They classified this dance as somewhat “strange,” according to the entertainment news portal.


The movements of the multiple Grammy Award winner are being replicated online, due to a viral clip capturing Taylor

moving his hips,

while giving one of his big concerts earlier this month.

In said video, Taylor can be seen shaking her hips from side to side, in an attempt to highlight her gold fringed outfit. While she was clearly having fun and simply joking around on stage, a good number of her fans have raised comments about her, in which they accused her of “dancing like a granny” and trying to imitate performers Latinas.

On other occasions, the public

had managed to capture the movements of Swift as material to make memes and new videos.

Definitely, The artist has become a phenomenon in the current music industry. His “Eras Tour” announced 146 dates on five continents; has produced just over 2.2 billion dollars in just

North America

; He has had an average of 72 thousand spectators per concert in the United States and he even made a movie of his tour! The documentary film already exceeds 100 million dollars in global pre-sales, according to

the Spanish portal Statista.

Due to her special way of dancing, many fans compared her to artists like Jennifer Lopez and Ariana Grande. “He took it very seriously. Shake It Off”said one of the social media users.

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