Official Statement: There will be a new promotion system to FMS

Official Statement: There will be a new promotion system to FMS
Official Statement: There will be a new promotion system to FMS

Urban Roosters has just released an official statement regarding the promotion system to FMS, which will no longer be binding.

Below we leave you with the official statement about the promotion to FMS. It seems that the 2024 season is very close.


The promotion is no longer binding on the competitions assigned to FRF (Freestyle Rap Federation) from now on. This means that the top finishers in next year’s rankings do not have to be the talents promoted to the FMS (Freestyle Master Series) from the different leagues. The main reasons are the following:

  • 1) The lack of economic resources and time that the vast majority of artists had to fight for places.
  • 2) An overload of events that reinforces our idea of ​​“less is more”.
  • 3) Misappropriation of results due to the interests of certain organizers outside Urban Roosters to benefit some profiles.
  • 4) The distribution of points has generated an accommodation in certain organizations that has led to a noticeable decrease in the quality of the events.
  • 5) Excessive pressure due to a format that has limited the freedom of events to generate new competition models.
  • 6) Different or original artists have stopped being promoted. The goal from now on is to facilitate and promote the search for talented talents.

Despite this separation, we will continue to be in contact with the affiliated organizations to provide facilities and find new methods in order to discover and project all those artists who shine in parks around the world. Therefore, we will soon announce new measures that will benefit the entire underground freestyle ecosystem.

Due to this outdated system, this new measure is applied immediately, which also results in the elimination of the Promotion Tournament that was scheduled to take place this year. As we already communicated at the time, those who managed to come in first place in each promotion ranking this last season are the ones who will be part of the new FMS campaign due to the respect deserved by those who have spent their time and effort in remain absolute leaders.

At the end of the season that is about to start, a competition guided by Urban Roosters will be held in several countries that will be by and for the under. The places will be distributed by the attached organizations based on their level, experience, production and size, and those artists who stand out the most and are most valued by the community throughout the year will be part of an event in which they will have the opportunity to demonstrate that they deserve to be in the following season as FMS participants, although a victory in it would not guarantee promotion, but other types of prizes that we will communicate.

They have been very nice years and, for the most part, necessary, those in which we have experienced promotion rankings. Now is the time to look for new paths in line with the preferences of what matters most to us: the community, the talent, and the organizations that work to grow our movement.


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