Lucía Galán underwent surgery: “They found a premalignant cyst in my pancreas”

Lucía Galán underwent surgery: “They found a premalignant cyst in my pancreas”
Lucía Galán underwent surgery: “They found a premalignant cyst in my pancreas”

This Wednesday, Lucía Galán told her followers that she would undergo surgery for a pre-malignant tumor in her pancreas. In a video she explained the reasons and details of the operation that will be carried out. In the last hours, it was her daughter who provided information about the artist’s health.

“Hello, how are you all? Well, I wanted to personally give this message so that you can have the news first-hand. Last year, in Madrid, having a CT scan due to a bronchial infection, they miraculously made a discovery: they found a premalignant cyst in my pancreas.“, said the singer looking at the camera.

And he explained that health professionals “have to cut the tail of the pancreas, which is where I have the cyst attached to the wall, it is a mucinous cyst, as doctors call it, andThis is to prevent pancreatic cancer”.

“This was a miraculous find and, despite how difficult it is going to be to go through this,I thank God that they detected it in time“, indicated Joaquín’s sister, who also made a request to doctors around the world: “I want to ask doctors to do these abdominal checks to perhaps prevent so many pancreatic cancers that when they feel or one is sick, it is too late because it has metastasized throughout the body.”

Lucía clarified that when the video was published, she was going to be in surgery accompanied by her loved ones, who will keep her followers up to date with everything. “To all the friends around the world, thank you very much. Surely they are going to put together chains of prayers that will be very useful for me.. And everyone with peace of mind because starting in August we will be settled in Spain doing the tour accordingly, because it is the right time and I will be perfect again to shout at my brother,” she closed with humor.

Lucía with her daughter Rocío.

This Thursday, around noon, it was the artist’s daughter who wrote a message to Lucía’s account for her followers: “Hello, good morning. Rocío is writing to you. I wanted to tell you that Everything went well in the operation. Thanks for the messages“, along with a heart emoji.

For its part, the official account of the Pimpinela band also shared information about Lucía’s health. “Dear friends, we want to tell you that Lucía is recovering from her surgery. The doctors reported that the operation was carried out as planned,” they announced and added: “Due to protocol and prevention, she will continue to be hospitalized in intensive care for between 24 and 48 hours.. We want to thank you all for your company and good wishes. We also thank the media for their interest and respect.” They then shared the medical report.

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