“Beautiful morning”, the Milei Government celebrated the sanction of the Bases Law with a viral phrase from Francella

“Beautiful morning”, the Milei Government celebrated the sanction of the Bases Law with a viral phrase from Francella
“Beautiful morning”, the Milei Government celebrated the sanction of the Bases Law with a viral phrase from Francella

The national government celebrated this Thursday the sanction of the Base Lawcondemned the serious incidents that occurred in the vicinity of Congress and described them as “terrorists” to those who carried out clashes with the security forces and caused destruction in public spaces.

“Beautiful morning, as they say”was the phrase chosen by the presidential spokesperson, Manuel Adornireferring to the famous video of Guillermo Francella that went viral.

In this way, the national official reflected the satisfaction of the Executive for the general approval of the draft Law Bases and starting points for the freedom of Argentines, and highlighted the positive reaction of the markets.

“The day after the Senate sanctioned the reforms included in the official initiative, Wall Street stocks rose 8%, bonds recovered 4% of their value and Country Risk opened lower,” Adorni explained. .

“This occurs when investors see in Argentina a country that has made the decision to move forward and that wants to end a hundred years of decadence and that we are beginning to respect freedom and democracy as a mantra,” he added.

Then, the presidential spokesperson condemned the incidents that occurred in the midst of the protests against the Bases Law and confirmed that they will go to the last consequences against “the terrorists” who wanted to “take away democracy.”

The serious incidents in Congress. Photos Emmanuel Fernández.

“Yesterday we saw an Argentina where millions of Argentines won, whose will has finally been respected when electing their President at the polls, that is an Argentina. The other Argentina that we saw yesterday was the wild Argentina, absolutely wild, covered faces, Molotov cocktails, grenades, a ton of stones, bottles and Palestinian flags that had nothing to do with it,” he added.

Before the spokesperson’s usual press conference at Casa Rosada, the Minister of Security, Patricia Bullrich, targeted leftist and Kirchnerist organizations for the incidents, and announced that they will pursue a case for sedition in Justice.

“We no longer want to see yesterday’s images in Argentina. Of course, today the Police, the security forces and the City Police are in charge of analyzing each of the images to identify everyone.” those who were not identified or detained, let’s hope that this moves forward and that everyone pays for what they did,” Adorni said.

Furthermore, he maintained that the violent episodes in the vicinity of Parliament were “an attempted coup d’état” but in modern terms, which – as he explained – is about wearing down the governability of the Executive.

“The ultimate consequences will be reached, not with what happened yesterday, with all the episodes that imply a departure from the law. What happened yesterday had an aggravating factor that in general, beyond the fact that one is accustomed to this behavior of the left, who try to intimidate with stones and Molotov cocktails, as a reaction to their loss in democratic terms,” ​​he stated.

Finally, he confirmed that the ruling party will insist in the Chamber of Deputies with the chapters that were left out of the original text of the project.

“We will continue to insist, it is a law that we have worked hard on. The Base Law, even the original one, was made with a lot of work, emphasis has been placed on it, years of work, and we will insist because we believe and are convinced,” Adorni concluded.

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