The G7 agrees on a belligerent declaration against Iran and China, and reaffirms full support for Ukraine

The superstructure of Western world power synthesized in the Group of the Seven most industrialized democracies on the planet met at the Bari summit, posed limits to a series of enemies and adversaries, from Iran due to its alliance with Russia and also against China and even Venezuela, in a declaration with a belligerent tone with Ukraine at the top of the agenda for which they assure support “for as long as necessary.”

The lengthy document made a concession to the host, Italian Premier Georgia Meloni, and avoided including the word abortion. The hardest European right, the group from which the president comes, agree on anti-abortionism and the defense of the traditional family.

The meeting included the novelty of the presence for the first time of Pope Francis, who held a large handful of bilaterals and in a speech called for ethical behavior with the use of Artificial Intelligence.

Pope Francis and the Prime Minister of Italy, Giorgia Meloni, this Friday during the G7 summit. Photo: AP

The statement released at the Borgo Egnazia hotel confirms the loan of 50 billion dollars for Ukraine backed by Russian assets.

Vladimir Putin’s regime immediately described as “theft” this measure that is funded by the interests of more than 300 billion dollars frozen in Western accounts as a sanction for the invasion of the European country. Moscow promised “extremely painful” consequences for this decision, which it did not specify.

The G-7 is made up of Germany, Canada, the United States, France, Italy, Japan and the United Kingdom. The event was attended by an important legion of guests, including the president of Brazil, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, of Argentina Javier Milei (see page 4), Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the Indian prime minister, Narendra Modi.

The summit closing document extends to 36 pages. There it is announced: “We will continue taking robust measures against actors in China and third countries that materially support the Russian war machine, including financial institutions, and other entities in China that facilitate Russia’s acquisition of those elements.

With the same tone, the G7 leaders criticized the “unfair” trade practices of the Asian giant regarding state aid that benefits its production. The basic demand is that Beijing abide by the rules that govern international trade. “We are not trying to harm China or prevent its economic development, in fact, a growing China that plays by international rules and norms would be in the global interest,” they say.

The president of the United States, Joe Biden, this Friday at the G7 summit in Italy. Photo: AP

Iran’s weapons to Russia

In another chapter, The statement threatens Iran for the support it provides to Russia in sophisticated weapons like their drones. The G7 leaders warned the Persian theocracy to “respond quickly and in a coordinated manner, including with new and important measures if Tehran continues to support Russia in the Ukraine war.”

“We ask Iran to stop helping Russia in the war in Ukraine and not to transfer ballistic missiles and related technology, as this would represent a significant material escalation and a direct threat to European security,” they emphasize.

They add on the Iranian nuclear program: “We urge Tehran to end the nuclear escalation and the continuation of uranium enrichment activities that have no credible civil justifications,” as well as to “engage in serious dialogue and offer convincing guarantees of that its nuclear program is exclusively peaceful, in full cooperation and compliance with the monitoring and verification mechanism of the IAEA”, the UN atomic agency.

Warning to Hamas

They also “demand” that the Persian power “end its malicious activities and destabilizing actions in the Middle East.”

In this sense, the document urges pro-Iranian terrorist group Hamas to accept ceasefire. At the same time, it demands that Israel limit the current escalation in Rafah. Regarding the Middle East, the G7 asks the ultra-Islamic organization to accept the agreement to cease hostilities included in the plan of US President Joe Biden, and calls on “the countries that have influence” over the pro-Iranian organization “to help guarantee let him do it”

Furthermore, Israel must “refrain from carrying out a large-scale military offensive in Rafah that would have even more dire consequences for civilians.”

Regarding the question of abortion The leaders simply reaffirmed their commitment to last year’s Hiroshima declaration, in which they pledged to “address access to legal abortion and post-abortion care.” This time, they point out “our commitments to the Hiroshima Leaders’ Communiqué for universal access to adequate, affordable and quality health services for women, including comprehensive sexual and reproductive health and rights for all,” but avoided citing the word.

Source: agencies and The New York Times

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