After 20 years, World of Warcraft decides to solve the problem of poor camera positioning with a new command in “The War Within”

The enduring popularity of world of warcraft has not been free of small inconveniences, and one of the most recurrent has been the problem camera of the game. After two decades of frustration for players, Blizzard Entertainment has finally decided to address this problem with the new expansion “The War Within.”

The camera in world of warcraftalthough functional in most cases, has been a constant source of discomfort. Players have always complained that the camera tends to get trapped behind objects such as trees or structures in the environment, which hinders visibility in critical moments of the game, such as boss fights.

To solve this problem, Blizzard has introduced a new command chat on “The War Within”: “/console cameraIndirectVisibility X”. This command allows players adjust sensitivity of the camera to ignore certain objects in its path, providing a smoother and less interrupted gaming experience.

In addition to this improvementplayers will also be able to choose a additional function which ensures that the silhouette of your character is always visibleeven when it is hidden behind elements of the environment. These additions promise to deliver greater visual clarity and smoother gameplay for the millions of World of Warcraft players around the world.

While the current implementation of the new camera system is not perfect and still has small imperfections, Blizzard is committed to perfecting this feature during the beta testing period. Players will no longer have to worry about annoying camera issues, marking a significant improvement in the gaming experience of one of the most iconic titles in the world of video games.

World of Warcraft Classic players cause chaos by kidnapping and freeing a dungeon boss in different cities

In World of Warcraft Classicplayers managed to kidnap and free a dungeon boss in the game’s main cities, Sturmwind and Orgrimmar. Helix Ritzelbrecherknown for being the second boss in The Mines of Deathhas been sighted multiple times outside of its usual environment, sparking clashes with the city’s forces without being defeated.

Post waves in reddit have been reporting the event, and it is no wonder, since, in theory, Helix Ritzelbrecher should not be able to leave his respective dungeonjust like no other boss.

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