“I think Argentina learned from Saudi Arabia’s mistake”

Canada confidently awaits its debut in the Copa América against the champion Argentina. His trainer Jesse Marsch He is not unaware of the Scaloneta’s ability, but since he took office 38 days ago he has been trying to sow a seed in his players, to change their minds. “We have boosted the mentality and the level of training because we know that is what we need for a tournament like this. We don’t see this as how good Argentina is. We see it as an opportunity to grow, to be better and to show ourselves how good we can be.”said the 50-year-old American.

Graduated in History from Princeton University, later a multiple champion midfielder in the MLS, Marsch once used the example of rowing to explain what he wants from his players.

Photo: Mati Arrascoyta – Clarín special envoy

“The rowers go out on the water at 5 in the morning. They push things beyond the limit. When they cross the line, the eight rowers literally collapse. I want a football team with the same mentality,” he said in an interview during his time. at Leipzig in Germany, to explain how he wants his teams to press.

Marcelo Bielsa’s replacement at Leeds, in response to the consultation of Clarionalso explained why he believes in the power of motivation, since he has used inspiring phrases from Michael Jordan either Mahatma Ghandiwhich caused him to be mocked in England or Germany.

“I have hundreds of quotes that I use at different times. I love quotes, learning from people from the past. Sports figures, historical figures, you name it. The key is understanding what messages to use at the right time,” he said.

On this occasion he was not clear on a phrase to use, but he does have concrete ideas on how to try to stop Lionel Messi. “It’s not just his quality, his hierarchy, but also his ability to move in the game, on the pitch… The key is always to be aware of where he is and make sure he’s not in open spaces, that we can close spaces and try to make it difficult for them,” he analyzed at a press conference.

Davies and respect for world champions

Photo: Special Envoy Mati Arrascoyta – Clarín

Also present was captain Alphonso Davies, owner of a positive record that he will try to stretch this Thursday in Atlanta: the three times he faced Lionel Messi (with Bayern Munich) he was able to defeat him.

“Argentina is the best team in the world. Playing against them is going to be a battle… Our mentality is strong. We will go out and play against the champions, and that is the motivation for us,” he anticipated.

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