Gareca’s Chilean roster for Copa América: how many players does he call?

Gareca’s Chilean roster for Copa América: how many players does he call?
Gareca’s Chilean roster for Copa América: how many players does he call?

Ricardo Gareca will soon deliver the list of players who will go to the Copa América. Will you make a new cut before the tournament?

By Felipe Escobillana

Updated on 05/23/2024 – 11:05 am CLT

Updated on 05/23/2024 – 11:05 am CLT

© Manu Blondeau/AOP/SIPA/PHOTOSPORTThe Chilean team will have a roster for the Copa América

For this Friday it is expected that Ricardo Gareca deliver the list of the Chilean team that is preparing for the Copa América, which begins on June 21 for the Red when facing Peru in Austin, Texas.

The big question is how many players he is going to nominate from the pre-list of 55 players that was already announced a few weeks ago. This considering that he will have several days of work in Pinto Durán before flying to North America.

In fact, there will be an important dress rehearsal: the match against Paraguay at the National Stadium, which will be played on Tuesday, June 11.

How many players will Gareca nominate?

Gonzalo Fouillioux revealed in Todos Somos Técnicos that Tigre Gareca’s intention is to make a list larger than the 26 players that he can take to the United States.

Gareca will then deliver a new La Roja payroll

“Gareca is going to summon more than 26 players and will make another cut when he is here before going to the Copa América,” he said about what would happen in the next few hours.

In any case, it is not something absolutely confirmed. This is because Verónica Bianchi, unlike her partner, bet on the other side of the coin. “The same 26 who will be there for the friendly will be the ones who travel later,” said the journalist.

Chile’s matches in the Copa América

Chile will debut on June 21 against Peru, in Texas. Then they must play against the world champion, Argentina, on June 25. That match will be played at Metlife in New Jersey, the same stadium where the Centenario Cup final was played.

Finally, La Roja will finish its participation in Orlando, the city where it will play the last match of the group stage against Canada.

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