journalist reveals scandal and complaint in Argentina National Team

ANDDuring the friendly match in which the Argentina National Team beat Guatemala 4-1, a week before starting the Copa América 2024 in the United States, on Colombian radio they revealed a scandal about 3 gaucho players. And although not many details are known, journalist Javier Hernández Bonnet spoke of the accusations that weigh on these members of the team that won the Qatar 2022 World Cup: Thiago Almada, Ángel Correa and Exequiel Palacios.

In the program ‘Sports Blog’ on the Blu Radio station, The director of the space said that he consulted a source in Argentina to talk about the legal cases against Sebastián Villa, for gender violence and sexual abuse. However, that same person told the communicator that 3 players close to the Argentina National Team were facing delicate and serious accusations in court.

Starting the radio program last Friday, June 14, Hernández Bonnet opened the expectation with these words:

I have news that will shock you. Initially, I thought it was news that he was going to refer to the situation of former Boca Juniors attacker, Sebastián Villa. But he goes that way, the research he was doing is along that line. It is news that is going to make the headlines of the most important pages of South American and world journalism.

Alleged accusation against Argentine players for attacking a woman at a party

While the Colombian interacted with Juan José Buscalia, a regular panelist on the program and of Argentine nationality, revelations began to be made by the broadcast director of Caracol Televisión’s soccer broadcasts. “It has to do with Buenos Aires. I tried to do the scrutiny because they told me that several Colombian clubs have been offered Sebastián Villa. I have the names of the teams, I am not authorized to give them, but what legal possibility is there that he could come … I started asking about Villa’s legal issue and I just found a scandal of scandals.”thus began the story and giving the context of his investigations.

After a while, with great expectations in the audience and his colleagues, the information arrived, understanding that it is strange that this is known in the media in Colombia and it has not happened in Argentina: “The source is very serious. I called a lawyer, who has been very informed about the issue of Sebastián Villa… My source tells me: ‘Don’t worry anymore, Villa’s case is going to happen, in the next few hours , to the background in Argentina. There is something so serious that it is going to make the headlines not about the Colombian player.’ And the source tells me that, at a party in Puerto Madero, 3 soccer players attacked a girl. “It is not just any type of player and the process is in development.”.

After telling his version of what happened to find out about the matter, Javier Hernández Bonnet extracted the information that his contact in Gaucho soil gave him, without revealing the names of those involved, at that time:

In Argentina they are trying to contain it, let’s see how they can make an arrangement. The girl who was attacked by the players goes to the last consequences, she refuses to settle… The clue is that there are 3 players who have worn the Argentine National Team shirt. One starts with ‘T’, another starts with ‘E’, and the other starts with ‘A’… One of the last names starts with ‘A’, the other of the last names starts with ‘T’ and the other starts with ‘ C’…

But after, following his story and maintaining the interest of his colleagues, Javier Hernández Bonnet He gave the names and stated that the issue is taking legal action: “The 3 involved and reported for a party in Puerto Madero are: Thiago Almada, Exequiel Palacios and Ángel Correa”.

Currently, Ángel Correa and Exequiel Palacios are in the group preparing the Copa América 2024, but they have not been confirmed in the list of 26. While Almada is among those chosen to go to the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, but his presence is not confirmed either.. Therefore, these revelations could change the plans of ‘the Albiceleste’ and also be left out, to avoid lack of concentration and controversies in Lionel Messi’s team.

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