the story of an important player from Colo Colo who was a fan of the U

the story of an important player from Colo Colo who was a fan of the U
the story of an important player from Colo Colo who was a fan of the U

In the world of football he has always given a lot to talk about the passage of the players through the different teams of a league, even more so if you have a I went through two clubs that are rivals.

In Chile we have Colo Colo and the University of Chile as the most popular teams, being staunch opponents and cheering on the greatest national soccer classic. And although there is a marked rivalry, there are several players who have worn both jerseyss.

Charles Aránguiz, Jean Beausejour, Gonzalo Jara, Valber Huerta, Miguel Pinto, Matías Zaldivia, Patricio Rubio, Cristián Canío, Christian Vilches and Emilio Hernández are only some of the cases.

If we focus on current history we find a quite particular case, since a young Cacique footballer was a renowned fan of La U when I was younger.

It is nothing more and nothing less than Damian Pizarrothe forward who at 19 years old will leave the popular team to go to Italy and join the ranks of Udinese to begin his European experience.

In black and white, the attacker won a Chile Cup and scored 12 goals, also adding 8 assists in 58 games played. And although for some he emigrates very soon, leaves a sober memory in the club.

But if we go further back in time, when Pizarro was just a child and took his first steps in football, we find a little recognized fan of the blues.

Being more specific, the Santiago He arrived at the Azul Sports Center Main School at the age of 10. to then join the minor series of the institution and complete their training stage.

“He was a fanatic, he was one of those who carried the flag”

Juan González, who was one of Damián’s coaches in his initial stages, recalled that time when the soccer player wore the colors of the university squad with pride and happiness.

He had a different biotype and an important personality in the game. He was a somewhat immature child, but the club loved him a lot. “He wasn’t one to misbehave, but he liked to joke,” he commented (via AS Chile).

“He was a good boy. He had some family entanglements that complicated him and he paid more attention here. than his parents,” said the coach, alluding to the human and everyday part of the player.

One acts as a guide, as a dad, and suggests things and good behavior, so that in the future he is an upright player and a good person, as he is today,” he added.

Regarding his fanaticism for the University of Chile, González indicated that “I was a fan“He was one of those who carried the flag in the games.” Furthermore, the photos on social networks They realize this and reaffirm the story.

Arrival in Macul

In the middle of his football training, already part of the Sub 14, an episode occurred that forever marked his career with an unexpected turn that took him with the albos.

According to the CDA, the young man argued with coach Cristián Romero when “the theory had a trip and he did not consider Damianafter initially telling him that he was going to take him.”

As a result of this, Damián Pizarro He left the club with the pass in his possession and was tested in the respective Colo Colo categoriesregardless of whether it was their main rival.

In Macul he was received by Ariel Paolorossi, who is currently the head of youth football at the institution and who had a good impression of the boy from the beginning. ““I was surprised by his physique and his way of playing.”he commented in an interview for AS Chile in 2021.

As the years went by, he made a career and earned a name for himself in the Cacique, reaching such a point of to say that he had always been from Colo Colodespite his past.

From La U they seek an explanation for this change and assure that “It is logical, you must seek acceptance. In fact, he comes to the club because he belonged to the CDA Main School. And, obviously, you go to the school of the club you like.”

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