Ben Brereton criticized: They support Pedro Carcuro

Ben Brereton criticized: They support Pedro Carcuro
Ben Brereton criticized: They support Pedro Carcuro

Chilean National Team

The reporter sent the forward born in England to a reality show, generating rejection in several former players.

By Christopher Antunez

06/15/2024 – 10:56am CLT

© PhotosportChilean World Cup player squares up with Pedro Carcuro for saying that Ben Brereton is bad.

After the victory of the Chilean team over Paraguay, the harsh criticism of Pedro Carcuro to the forward Ben Breretonstating that he does not have the level for La Roja and that if they call him for being nice, then the best thing is for him to come be part of a reality show.

This set the tone and there were several former coaches and former footballers who are part of the sports program panels who were not satisfied with the sayings of the strong man from TVN.

BOLAVIP talks with Miguel Ángel Neira, which from the outset claims to be on the side of the legendary communicator. “I absolutely share what Don Pedro Carcuro, the best narrator in history, said,” he says.

Adding that “a while ago I got hit on social media for saying that Brereton was bad, but if he’s terrible, the bastard is bad, what do you want me to do? We cannot invent that he is good, technically he is very bad.”

Immediately afterwards, the Chilean World Cup player fell to the rapporteur’s detractors. “Carcuro tells the truth, and all these former players, coaches who are on television, never look bad with anyone and that is why they support Ben,” he says.

Miguel Ángel Neira assures that the former footballers on the program panels speak pure hum…

Miguel Ángel Neira does not stop there and states: “The former footballers talk pure nonsense on television, when I watch the games I see them without sound, and it is super cool to see a game without audio, but I prefer that to listening to these gentlemen ”.

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