News from Colo Colo today Sunday: Cabral, Benegas, feminine and formative

News from Colo Colo today Sunday: Cabral, Benegas, feminine and formative
News from Colo Colo today Sunday: Cabral, Benegas, feminine and formative

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Colo Colo is experiencing different news today, Sunday, June 16, in which news arises regarding the possibility of Luciano Cabral and Leandro Benegas in terms of the first team, as well as in Cacique’s women’s and youth soccer.

By Diego Jara Ramirez

06/16/2024 – 2:49 p.m. CLT

© Photosport / @ClubDIquiqueNews from Colo Colo today Sunday: Cabral, Benegas, feminine and formative.

There is new information in the Colo Colo news today, Sunday, June 16. There are two pieces of information that emerged regarding players who can be involved in the first team. One of them is by Luciano Cabral which has a new reference from Jorge Almirón, and, on the other hand, Leandro Benegas was able to leave for Cobreloa.

Other news is in the Colo Colo women’s team that, during this afternoon, faced Deportes Iquique on a new date of the National Championship. The rest is aimed at youth football, where various finals are played in the minor categories of national football.

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Jorge Almirón’s reference to Luciano Cabral

The Colo Colo coach was clear in handing the responsibility to Luciano Cabral to arrive at Colo Colo. Jorge Almirón made it clear what his priorities are, with the center forward being the most important. However, he passed the ball to the Coquimbo Kingdom midfielder to decide on his football future.

Could Leandro Benegas go to Cobreloa?

Striker Leandro Benegas is one of the footballers who has been among the options to leave the institution. It was Cobreloa’s own coach who referred to the possibility, which he completely ruled out. However, he also took advantage of the opportunity to confirm that they are soon to close a former Colo Colo for the attack.

Women’s Colo Colo equals with Deportes Iquique

The albas who lead the women’s Colo Colo team faced Deportes Iquique this Sunday in the National Championship. A match that ended with a one-on-one tie in the market and that featured Ingrid Pardal scoring for the Albas in this match.

Colo Colo’s formative football

The afternoon began with the first title of the day for the Colo Colo training teams. The white team faced off against the University of Chile on one of the Quilín fields at the ANFP headquarters. The albos shouted champions by winning the match by one to zero.

It will not be the only duel, since this afternoon it will also be the turn of the Colo Colo women’s U-19, who will face Universidad Católica in the final. The match is scheduled to be played starting at 3:30 p.m.

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