Who is Lorenzo Somaschini, the Argentine boy who is a motorcycle racer and had an accident in Brazil

Who is Lorenzo Somaschini, the Argentine boy who is a motorcycle racer and had an accident in Brazil
Who is Lorenzo Somaschini, the Argentine boy who is a motorcycle racer and had an accident in Brazil


In recent days, it was announced that a child who is motorcycle rider rosarino suffered a serious accident. Is about Lorenzo Somaschiniwho was in training for a race in Brazil. What happened and what is known about his condition.

Lorenzo Somaschini, the 9-year-old pilot who crashed in Brazil.instagram

Lorenzo Somaschinialso nicknamed “Lolo“, is a 9-year-old boy who was born on July 17, 2014 in the city of Rosario, Santa Fe. From a young age he showed interest in motorcycles and this year he debuted in official competitions. In April he began his career in the Argentine Superbike Junior Cup and thus he was able to climb to international competitions. According to what the young man told the newspaper a few months ago The capital, His main objective is to “get to MotoGP”which is how the World Motorcycle Championship, the largest world competition in this discipline.

This past Friday Lolo was in one of the training sessions for the fourth stage of the Honda Junior 160 Superbike Cup at the Interlagos Racecourse from the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil. It was his debut in international races in one of the largest motorcycle championships on the continent. The category in which the Argentine participated in the Honda Junior Cup brings together pilots between 8 and 16 years old. The motorcycles used are 160 cc adapted and prepared for competition, with pedals and handlebars adapted to the size of each child.

In that context it was that he suffered a drop and gave a strong blow to the head. According to reports, the accident occurred after a highsidea maneuver in which there is excess speed after a curve Pinheirinho, which caused the tires to lose grip and the child ended up slipping. It should be noted that this curve in question is a very particular one that presents a challenge for all the drivers who pass through it, since it is a fairly tight left-hand hairpin.

As soon as the accident occurred, Lorenzo was quickly treated at the scene by the medical team and the ambulance. He was then transferred and admitted urgently to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the Pedreira General Hospital, South of the city. There the pilot’s clinical condition was stabilized and he remained until early Saturday morning. Then, he was transferred to Albert Einstein Hospitalwhere he is still hospitalized.

For the moment, he remains hospitalized with a reserved report. Last Sunday afternoon, the latest health report was released, which indicated that Lolo “remains in serious condition, under observation and intensive medical care”. “Somaschini survived 48 hours after the accident occurred and his health did not worsen, remaining stable and with controlled vital signs. “We are waiting for news about a hopeful recovery,” the document details.

This was also confirmed by his family through a statement after false news began to circulate about a alleged death of the young pilot. “Lorenzo Somaschini remains in intensive care at the Albert Einstein Hospital in São Paulo, Brazil. The young pilot from Rosario He spent the night stabilized and waiting for an improvement in his situation after the accident suffered last Friday. The information about his supposed death arose from publications in WhatsApp statuses and social networks, which led to confusion due to the difficult situation experienced by what happened. While waiting for more news, we await developments and favorable news,” they indicated.


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