Christian VI of Europe –

Christian VI of Europe –
Christian VI of Europe –

When Cristiano Ronaldo debuted in a European Championship, João Neves was not born. Today they will be teammates in Portugal in his debut in the tournament against the Czech Republicthe sixth participation of the continental king, the most successful player, the one with the most records, the one who seems inexhaustible: Christian VI of Europe (follow the game live on

In 2004, the star from Madeira began his international journey in major tournaments, three months before Neves, the wonderful midfielder of the team, was born. Benfica who today, for his part, will be baptized in the Euro 22 years after the great Portuguese star of all time did so.


No one in history has ever played in six European Championships, so Cristiano will set a new record against the Czechs, this one difficult to match, which implies being punctual with the event for more than two decades. Cristiano is a record in himself, it doesn’t matter if he is 39 years old or if he plays in Arabia. He continues to score goals, like the 35 this season in Al Nassr and the 10 in the qualifying phase with Portugal that keep him as a starter in the national team.

Roberto Martínez, who makes his debut with the Portuguese after having touched glory with Belgium, He has given a turn to the team that Fernando Santos left. He defends with four at the back, although sometimes with three centre-backs, places the block much higher, presses with an aggressiveness previously unknown in the country and handles the ball to always attack. The mentality that was being demanded by Portugal, precisely.


Great equipment. The level of his players also allows him to take risks. The Portuguese team is the third most expensive team in the Euro (1,050 million euros in value), only behind England and France. Today stars from Champions teams will remain on the bench, a luxury for any European team.

There are doubts in one of the centrals, because There is the freshest option of António Silva or the veteran of Pepeand also at the extremes, in principle for Joao Felix and Rafael Leãoalthough it is possible that one of them jumps out of the lineup to make way for another midfielder.

To reduce Cristiano and the rest, heThe Czech Republic will set up a concrete defense and try to search for the dangerous Schick and the Kuchta tower with the aim of surprising. Along the way they lost the midfielder Sidalekwho was dropped from the tournament after falling while fooling around on a tricycle before traveling.

The Czechs lost both times they faced the Portuguese, in 2008 and 2012, although seeing themselves against them is already a good sign. In 2004 they reached the semifinals with Milan Baros as the star in the edition that was held precisely in Portugal. Then there was Christian; also today. Legends are like that.

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