Mosa announces Harold Mayne-Nicholls for the remodeling of the Monumental

Mosa announces Harold Mayne-Nicholls for the remodeling of the Monumental
Mosa announces Harold Mayne-Nicholls for the remodeling of the Monumental

Two months after the announcement of the remodeling project of the Monumental Stadium, Hannibal Meuse delivered important news about the dream of a new Ruca after receiving approval from the Blanco y Negro board: Harold Mayne-Nicholls is the new man in charge of the project.

In dialogue with the media, such as ADN Deportes, the leader made official the return of his former right-hand man in the concessionaire: “We analyzed an emblematic project for us, which is the new Colo Colo stadium, and within that we have made a reconstitution of the person who will be in charge of that project. Until last week we had one person in charge of that, but the board has appointed Harold Mayne-Nicholls to carry out the stadium project“.

“Harold, the previous time when he was with me in the vice presidency, it was our flagship project (remodeling of the stadium), we were caught by the Social Outbreak and the Pandemic, but Harold is a person who has all the knowledge, moreover after all the great work he did at the Santiago 2023 Pan American Games, we believe that with him we will reach port and Colo Colo can finally have a new stadiumso we are very happy with that,” he added about the return of Mayne-Nicholls, who already analyzed possible remodeling projects when he was executive vice president of ByN between 2019 and 2020.

“We are going to work with a schedule, tomorrow I am going to meet with Harold, the idea is that in the next 30 days he will deliver a work plan but our idea is that in the first quarter or at most April of next year we can have bases, construction companies and something quite advanced to lay the first stone,” Mosa added.

Harold Mayne-Nicholls returns to Colo Colo to be in charge of the Stadium project | Photo: Photosport

Aníbal Mosa and the new Monumental Stadium with naming right

With the appointment of Harold Mayne-Nicholls as the man in charge of the Monumental Stadium project, Aníbal Mosa assured that the only alternative for a remodeling at the height of Colo Colo is to lease the name of the venue to an external company (naming right), for a certain period:

Naming right is the alternativebecause we speak like this from a bird’s eye view of 100 million dollarsthat one does not catch them around the corner. We need a person who is going to knock on doors, with some credibility, and that is why we trust Harold to raise that million-dollar figure.“He detailed about the great mission of the former president of the ANFP.

Mosa even confessed that those approximate 100 million are related to the cost of the remodeling that Cruzados SA is doing in San Carlos de Apoquindo: “Taking the experience of our friends from La Católica who are building a nice stadium, and they are talking about 48 millions of dollars for a stadium of 20 thousand people, We believe that we have to aim for a stadium for at least 50 thousand peoplemore boxes, because we believe that we can have a hundred boxes for the stadium.”

I would like to have a stadium for 60 thousand people, Colo Colo always fills the stadiums, but it will depend on the economic part, on the structure that the Monumental can support.. We are going with Harold and this board to throw our cards on the table to give the people of Colocolino a stadium for the next 50 years, and that will be a national project due to its infrastructure,” he concluded about the capacity of the new venue that would begin construction in 2025. .

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