The incredible request for sanctions against the Argentine National Team in the 2024 Copa América: the reason

The incredible request for sanctions against the Argentine National Team in the 2024 Copa América: the reason
The incredible request for sanctions against the Argentine National Team in the 2024 Copa América: the reason

The Argentine National Team He had an auspicious debut in the United States to defend the title, but after the victory an unexpected controversy arose. Canada coach Jesse Marsch He asked that Lionel Scaloni’s team be sanctioned in the 2024 Copa América for an unusual reason which was applied in the past.

The fact is that, minutes after the match ended 2-0 in favor of the “Albiceleste”, March demanded at a press conference: “Argentina should be fined. Did they understand? Fined. Write that down. How long did it take them to leave? 20, 30 minutes? I don’t know but it was a long time”.

In the same sense, the coach of the North American country, who had a brief stint at Leeds in England, continued: “I would like the referees to control that situation. If we had taken five minutes too long, they would have fined us. There would have been a big problem. We will see what they do with Argentina…”.

Although the world champion team came out a few minutes later than their rivals in the second half, the match referee did not draw the attention of the Argentine team and started the match without any major problems.

Far from staying with that, the American coach delved into the topic, visibly upset. “While they were in the locker room they were watching the video and analyzing how to play us,” he added, referring to Scaloni’s position.

And he concluded: “If we had known [que eso iba a pasar]we could also have taken advantage of those extra 10 minutes and prepared other things. “They should be fined for leaving 20 minutes late for the second half.”

The chances of a sanction for the Argentine National Team in the Copa América

United States media indicated that Conmebol took note of the delay that the Argentine national team had in returning to the playing field and that they will investigate whether to really apply a sanction in this regard.

Beyond Marsch’s effusive claim, it should be noted that Conmebol does not usually confirm suspensions of this type, unless the case is serious. In this particular case, since the night judge did not make any comments in his report, it does not seem that a sanction will take effect.

The mufa was removed: Lautaro Martínez’s goal for the Argentine National Team

In the middle of the match between Canada and Argentina, Lionel Messi suffered a hard kick from Bombito, one of the Canadian players, which filled all of Argentina with concern and left him stranded in the match. But a couple of seconds later he recovered and assisted Lautaro Martínez who defined the Canadian goalkeeper with a real goal.

The Argentine National Team suffered more than necessary but beat Canada 2-0 in an attractive match played tonight, at the Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta, in the opening match of the Copa América in the United States 2024. Forward Julián Álvarez, 4 minutes into the second half, and Lautaro Martínez, 43 minutes into the same period, were the architects of the Argentine victory.

With this result, the National Team began the defense of the title with three vital points on the first date of Group A of the competition, which it shares with Chile and Peru.

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