Nintendo Switch 2 already has a release date

Nintendo Switch 2 already has a release date
Nintendo Switch 2 already has a release date

Nintendo has confirmed that the Switch 2 will be presented before April 2025. The company did not give more details about the new model of its portable video game console. Shuntaro Furukawa, president of the company, was clear: “we will make an announcement about the successor to Nintendo Switch within this fiscal year.” [que concluye el 31 de marzo de 2025]. “It will have been more than nine years since we announced the existence of the device.” The executive added that the company’s next event scheduled for June will be focused on updates on “the line of software”.

The sales of nintendo switch have seen a significant drop since their last peak related to the launch of the OLED and Lite model in 2021. The trend will continue downwards in this fiscal year. The firm expects to sell 13.5 million consoles. The figure is less than the 15.7 million registered in the previous period. The firm anticipates a 19% drop in its income and a 39% drop in its net profit.

Nintendo Switch 2: everything we know about its new processor

The website Digital Foundry did an exhaustive analysis of the rumors and well-founded speculation about the processor power that would accompany the new Nintendo console.

The company maintains that, despite these numbers, interest in the Switch continues to grow. It shared that between April 2023 and March 2024, its user base reached 123 million players. This represents “the highest amount seen” since the console’s launch.

Nintendo Switch 2: what updates are expected?

Analysts point out that to maintain the popularity of hardware, the second generation of Nintendo Switch should have really significant features and functions. The company has not revealed details about it.

Rumors suggest that the Switch 2 will have a larger and higher quality screen; could offer superior graphics performance, including ray tracing, i.e. realistic rendering of light and shadows. Information disseminated in specialized podcasts Nate Hate It is anticipated that the device will have a RAM memory of 16 gigabytes. This would allow you to run next-gen titles without interruptions.

The report also maintains that the console will have a compatibility feature with digital and physical games of the current version. The resource would allow stabilizing the frame rate, improving dynamic resolutions and adding patches to eliminate performance limitations. In the past, Furukawa mentioned this tool. “We are committed to ensuring a successful transition from Nintendo Switch to the next generation of consoles by leveraging Nintendo Accounts.”

About the overall performance of the gadgeta report of Reuters announced that the operation of the Nintendo Switch 2 will be supported by a custom Nvidia chip. The information does not specify the type of processor that will be incorporated. The current version integrates a Tegra X1. It is speculated that the update will add a Tegra X2, which means that the device’s performance would benefit from DLSS technology (Deep Learning Super Sampling) that uses deep learning to produce high-resolution images. The generation of frames per second would be optimized to run titles with a refresh rate of up to 120 Hz. Experts expect the next handheld console to have a starting price of between $299.99 and $399.99.

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