V Rising ends its Early Access and is now available on PC

V Rising ends its Early Access and is now available on PC
V Rising ends its Early Access and is now available on PC

Later it will also come to PS5

V Rising was one of the viral phenomena of 2022, and now it arrives with more force and its full launch.

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Many of you will already know V Rising. This title, launched last year in 2022, managed to become a viral phenomenon that fell in love with a wide variety of users. Since then, the responsible studio has released numerous updates, and most of them have managed to make users even more fall in love with it, who continued to try it every time a patch was released. Even so, after so long many users expected it to leave early access and launch its full version, something that especially became more important with the announcement that V Rising would come to PS5. Now it has finally been officially launched, although we have to highlight that This only applies to the PC version..

As we mentioned, you already have the full version of V Rising available on PC (via Steam) at a price of €34.99, although during the first days after launch You can purchase it with a 10% discount. It is also necessary that new bosses and other elements have been added to the title for this official release, in addition to include all the advances made during the period that the title was in early access.

If you don’t have a PC to enjoy it, but still want to be able to play this important release, You can rest assured if you have a PS5 console. We have already mentioned that this launch has not been simultaneous on both announced platforms, but we do know that V Rising will arrive on PS5 on May 17so we won’t have to wait long.

Below we leave you with the launch trailer for V Rising:

A real success

As we can know thanks to SteamDB, V Rising has been a success upon its launch. Maybe he hasn’t managed to beat his own record, which they set a couple of years ago when their early access was released, but in the last few hours has managed to have tens of thousands of users at all timeswhich is quite an achievement.

It should be noted that recently the responsible study confirmed that they had sold 4 million copies of V Rising in the early access period, which is an unprecedented success, especially for a great indie game like this.

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