the 5 keys to find out if they are watching you

the 5 keys to find out if they are watching you
the 5 keys to find out if they are watching you

These five keys will help you find out if someone is spying on you through your smartphone camera

We show you the most common signs that you are being spied on through your cell phone camera.

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Do you suspect that someone is spying on you using your smartphone camera? It could happen, since you wouldn’t be the first person it happens to. However, it is not common, and most likely it will not happen. Anyway, let’s list 5 keys that will help you find out if someone is spying on you through your cell phone camera.

This is how you can know if they are spying on you through your mobile camera

Fulfilling one or more keys does not imply confirmation that someone is observing you. Despite this, they are signs that something is not working correctly, and that you should have suspect, to a greater or lesser extent, especially when several.

The camera turns on by itself

If your camera turns on by itself, your phone may have a hardware or software problem, but it may also be hacked. In many terminals there is a indicator that the camera is active, especially in the upper left corner, when activated. In others, the activation warnings are even clearer, with the terminal’s LED lights turning on.

How to know if they are spying on you through your mobile camera

On some phones an icon appears when the camera is turned on

There are photos and videos that you have not taken

It is not strange that we forget certain photos and videos that we have taken, but it would be strange if it were a constant over time. Furthermore, we recommend see those videos or photos to discover how they started or what character they are.

Sudden camera notifications

It has to do with the previous points. If suddenly, without activating the camera or accessing an app that uses itnotifications appear about your camera, it is because something is happening to it.

Too much mobile data usage

Be suspicious if your cell phone consumes noticeably more data than normal. Although if this is combined with several previous signs, do it even more. The reason for this is that it may be sending photos, videos or files to a third party without asking you for any authorization. If you don’t know how to see how much data you have left, we explain it here.

How much data do you consume on Samsung

Knowing how much data you consume could tell you if something happens

The cell phone has a lot of activity

If a device heats up or drains the battery quickly, there is a problem. It is common in terminals that are several years old, since the battery does not last as long as before, but combined with the previous keys it is suspicious. It could mean that there are apps running in the background, such as one that sends information to a third party, as in the previous key. On the other hand, a mobile phone becoming hot can be dangerous, although here we explain how to avoid it.

Monitor your applications

Not all apps are what they claim to be. Some look harmless but actually carry out espionage tasks, stealing your personal information, recording your calls or, in the case we are talking about, surreptitiously recording or photographing you.

On some occasions we have alerted of applications that have turned out to be fraudulent. It is traditionally more common on Android due to the tight control that Apple has maintained over the App Store, indirectly making it more secure. Although, with the arrival of new app stores on iPhone, the level of danger can be balanced.

When we mean monitoring apps, we do it against those that have unusual behavior or request permissions that they should not. You can enter the settings of your terminal to look at the data they use or the percentage of battery they consume, which are two revealing indicators. On the other hand, Google’s own antivirus analyzes them.

Must have pay special attention to those apps that are not very proven, especially those that have few ratings or are used to download files. With apps from large companies, or those that have many ratings, nothing usually happens. However, hackers have found a loophole to sneak in: emulating famous applications or signatures, impersonating them, as with Signal.

What to do if you think they are spying on you through your mobile camera

If you suspect that you are being spied on, the first thing you should do is cover the camera. There are drop-down covers that allow you to cover the camera and uncover it whenever you want. This is more useful than gluing a piece of black tape.

Camera covers for mobile phones

How to know if your cell phone camera is being spied on

Using a case for your mobile camera is always a good option

Next, we recommend that you perform the following actions:

  • Track viruses, threats or spyware on your mobile using a trusted antivirus
  • Uninstall suspicious applicationsespecially if you have detected that the problem started happening when you installed them
  • Change your account passwords. It is possible that if someone spies on you on camera, they could also see your screen

If someone contacts you indicating that they have private videos of you and blackmailing you, do not believe them at first.. Be careful, because many criminals bluff and it works, but they have nothing. You can also take the police measures that you consider appropriate, and, if unfortunately they do have photos and videos of you, do not hesitate to go to the police.

How to avoid being spied on by your mobile camera

Installing fraudulent applications or downloading files from untrustworthy websites are two of the main reasons why viruses enter your mobile. Suspicious files can carry dangerswhether it is the possibility of activating your camera without consent or others.

If you access a website and notice that a file starts downloading automatically, do not run it. It is best to delete it, because it may be malware that, when executed, infects the device.

On the other hand, we leave you several tips to increase your security and may you never find yourself in this situation:

  • Don’t run suspicious files
  • Be careful with little-known apps
  • Pay attention to the permissions you grant to certain apps
  • Do not click on links in fraudulent emails or communications
  • Use an antivirus (cell phones also get infected)

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