Xiaomi joins Samsung and takes advantage of the controversy that arose with Apple’s latest announcement

hjust a few weeks ago, Manzana presented its new models of iPadtaking advantage of the opportunity to create a video advertisement that quickly generated controversy. In the aforementioned advertisement, destroyed in a dam various objects related to culturesuch as a guitar or a camera, the only survivor being the new model of the apple tablet, thus highlighting its thin thickness.

Many users on social networks They criticized the company based in California for recording this ad, noting that many valuables are destroyed unnecessarily. The controversy was taken advantage of by its great competitor, Samsungto launch a campaign to promote your tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 in which you can see a kind of continuation of Apple’s announcement. In the ad, a woman pick up the broken guitar and start playing with itleaving a clear message that ends with the text “We would never crush creativity“.

The play went well for the South Koreanswhich is not the first time that they have taken advantage of the controversies that have arisen around Apple to make a profit, and the video did not take long to become viral in social networks. Now, the Chinese brand Xiaomi wanted to do something similar, bringing to light his own version of the advertisement.

Xiaomi takes the opportunity to open its mouth with the ‘Cinematic Vision’ function

With somewhat different aesthetics, but with the same Apple dynamics, Xiaomi has published an announcement on its social networks. He has done it through his profile of his division in the Indiafrom where they have shared a clip that lasts a few seconds, which leads one to imagine that it is a advancement of an announcement that would arrive soon. In the video you can see a stage prepared for a performance with various instruments and, just above, a dam that threatens to destroy them.

However, unlike Apple’s video, In Xiaomi’s case, the dam breaks down, preventing it from destroying the instruments at the last second.. At the same time, the text ‘Cinematic Vision‘, in what is understood to be a promotion to this video feature of the next Xiaomi Civi, even though nothing related to the mobile device is displayed. Of course, although it was later than Samsung’s, this video It has also caught the attention of many users on social networks, so the strategy could be said to have worked for them, at least in the media.

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