SOOP: AfreecaTV’s new streaming platform revolutionizes esports

SOOP: AfreecaTV’s new streaming platform revolutionizes esports
SOOP: AfreecaTV’s new streaming platform revolutionizes esports

On May 21, AfreecaTV announced the arrival of SOOP, a new and revolutionary streaming platform that promises to transform the landscape of digital entertainment focused on esports and gaming. This release, scheduled for June 5, 2024will mark the end of AfreecaTV as we know it, as SOOP will completely replace the existing platformtaking its offering to a new level of innovation and accessibility.

SOOP not only seeks to be a content broadcast channel, but also emerges as a comprehensive support center for content creators. This center will offer resources and tools so that streamers can develop their innovative and creative ideas. One of the most notable features is the real time translation serviceavailable in English, Thai and Chinese, which will facilitate global audience expansion and allow creators to connect with an international community.

The platform has secured the collaboration of influential streaming figures, such as Crocodile and Faker, who have an AMA of 5.8K and 5.3K viewers respectively. These partnerships not only ensure high-quality content, but also position SOOP as a preferred destination for esports fans. Besides, SOOP has secured production rights to VALORANT Challengers 2024: Thailand, underscoring its commitment to high-profile esports events.

Another important innovation is the inclusion of VTubers content, thanks to a collaboration with the avatar software MASCOZ. This approach not only diversifies the type of content available on the platform, but also attracts a broader and more varied audience, interested in the latest trends in digital entertainment.

With renewed branding and a clear focus on international expansion, SOOP is designed to attract new users from around the world. Pre-registrations are now open, anticipating a launch that promises to redefine the esports streaming experience. SOOP is expected to quickly establish itself as a benchmark in the industry, standing out for its ability to innovate and offer accessibility to a global audience. This platform not only promises to improve the quality of esports content, but also to make it easier to access and enjoy by a growing global community.

SOOP’s ambition is clear: to become the leading streaming platform for esports, supporting creators and offering an unmatched user experience. With its launch, AfreecaTV takes a step towards the future of digital entertainment, positioning itself at the forefront of an industry that continues to grow and evolve by leaps and bounds.

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