This iPadOS 18 feature surprised me so much that now I can’t stop using my Apple Pencil

This iPadOS 18 feature surprised me so much that now I can’t stop using my Apple Pencil
This iPadOS 18 feature surprised me so much that now I can’t stop using my Apple Pencil

The iPadOS 18 writing correction has managed to take away the feeling of having to use blonde booklets again

I recently bought the iPad Pro M4 along with the Apple Pencil Pro. I love making mind maps, writing down the day’s agenda… Fortunately, the time has passed when I had to take long notes in high school… because yes, I have bad handwriting. My father has it, my brother has it… It doesn’t reach the point of being illegible (or at least for me), but I certainly couldn’t sell my calligraphy in an aesthetic agenda. That is why a new function in iPadOS 18 has left me extremely surprised from the first minute I used it.

Smart Script works as well as in Apple’s presentation

We know what Apple and advertising are like. Little more and it makes you want to go to the desert to test the iPhone 15 Pro Max camera. As soon as I saw the Smart Script feature in iPadOS 18, I was looking forward to trying it in person to see if it really was as good as it seemed.

But what is Smart Script? This is a new functionality within Notes that Modify your handwriting slightly to make it more readable. It has happened to all of us, especially in high school or university. We start the class with good writing, and as the minutes go by, our hand gets tired. We twist ourselves, we put the words together more…

Smart Script analyzes our writing and learns from it. And the moment we make a mistake, separate a letter too much, or even make it more illegible, It will automatically modify it for us while maintaining our style. And the function is amazing because it completely maintains the type of writing of each person, it does not replace it with similar letters nor does it transcribe. Learn how you do each letter so that when you don’t do it so well, you can simply modify it. This feature is so smart that even if we make some spelling mistakeswill add the accent when necessary.

How to have Smart Script on the iPad and which models are compatible

This functionality arrives with iPadOS 18. Being a developer, I have been able to access the beta in advance. The final version of iPadOS 18 It is expected to be launched in mid-September, and if you don’t want to wait that long, you can access the public beta during the month of July. To enjoy Smart Script you just have to open the app Notes > Click on the brush palette > Icon… > Activate correction handwriting.

Regarding compatibility, Smart Script will be available on the following models from iPad:

  • iPad Pro Chip M1
  • iPad Pro Chip M2
  • iPad Pro Chip M4
  • iPad Air Chip M1
  • iPad Air Chip M2
  • iPad 10th gen
  • iPad mini 6th gen

Smart Script has already become one of the most important features for me on the iPad, and it will keep me using it Notes as my main writing app. Without a doubt, Smart Script is one of those features that makes the difference and keeps the iPad my favorite device for daily productivity.

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