These are the new features of YouTube to revolutionize online videos

These are the new features of YouTube to revolutionize online videos
These are the new features of YouTube to revolutionize online videos

The use of social networks, there is no doubt, is increasing and covers more fields of action. If we add to that new technological advances (artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality) and an audience that is increasingly dependent on content for information. It is not strange then that one of the most used networks, YouTube, makes a pretty deep update to its capabilities.

The measures are currently being tested for a limited percentage of viewers and creators. All of this has been detailed by Google in a post in which YouTube states that it has started a test for AI-generated live chat summaries. The platform explains that its software artificial intelligence will create summaries based in published chats in a transmissioneithern live.

Viewers can see a snapshot of the most “exciting” conversations to understand them faster without having to scroll much. YouTube adds that the chat of a live broadcast you must have a sufficient amount of chat data before the AI ​​can activate and start summarizing. For now this can only be used in certain live streams and in English and in chats with many views.

“We are experimenting with AI-generated live chat summaries – the post explains. If you are in the experimental group, you will see a banner at the top of the live chat when you join a live stream that has accumulated enough chat activity before joining. These chat summaries are created from published chats (which means that they will not use text held for review or that contains blocked words or has been sent by blocked users). If you would like to leave comments on the summaries, you can do so by clicking the 3-dot menu > Submit Comments.”

The next platform update has to do with a new way for users to discover channels through QR codes. YouTube states that this is only available through its mobile app, and informs creators in the test to navigate to the “You” tab. A new “Share your channel” chip will be displayed below your handle, which produces an interactive QR code.

The post indicates that users can Share these codes anywhere and let users online and offline They can scan them. Only a small group of creators will receive this test. However, YouTube says it will detail an expansion if all goes well.

Lastly, YouTube is experimenting with integrating Google Lens into its search bar. The function operates similarly to Lens in other applications, as users can capture what they see with their phone’s camera and search the YouTube database. Thanks to this, all the results linked to what we have seen will appear.

An interesting detail is that creators and viewers will be able to see image thumbnails and select them to open more content. According to Google, this is a way for creators to evaluate what type of photos attract viewers to click on your content. As such, they can upload up to three thumbnails, which will be displayed to the public with feedback on which one performed the best.

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