iOS 18 allows you to turn off the iPhone like this


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iOS 18 promises to be an operating system that will revolutionize some aspects of using our iPhone. This way to turn off your phone It is one of the new features that iOS 18 incorporates, which is in the first beta version and will not have a definitive form until this fall, when it is available to all users. This way you can turn off the iPhone in a very simple way and without having to use the buttons.

Turn off iPhone in iOS 18

One of the new features of this operating system is the control center, which is accessed by sliding your finger from the top to the bottom of the screen. In this control center we will find our most common shortcuts, as well as the options related to Home, the brightness or volume switch or everything we want to do quickly. In iOS 18 we are going to turn off the device in the simplest way possible. As I show you in the screenshot, you only have to look at the upper right corner, since A shutdown button has been enabled. A simple press will allow your iPhone to turn off immediately without having to apply the typical button combination.

Even easier: iOS 18 allows you to turn off the iPhone like this

Remember that iOS 18 is Only available to those with a developer account. If this is not your case, you will have to wait until September or early October until Apple makes the final version official.

The first beta of iOS 18 stands out for its stability, something not very common. The battery consumption is adequate, all the applications I have tried work, and although some menus are still in English and there are functions that are not available, iOS 18 is characterized by being very fine and providing a very pleasant experience.

Apple Intelligence will be the bomb in iOS 18

One of the great new features of iOS 18 will be the use of artificial intelligence, which the company has called Apple Intelligence and which will allow for much more efficient use of our device. The bad news is that at the moment It will only be available for the iPhone 15 Pro series, so once it reaches our devices, we will have to have a latest generation phone or any of the upcoming 16 series so that we can enjoy a new world of possibilities.

So, we have a long summer left to get to know all the new functions that Apple is going to introduce in iOS 18 and that will make this a different operating system with a clear orientation towards privacy and accessibility.

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