Overwatch announces collaboration with Transformers

Overwatch announces collaboration with Transformers
Overwatch announces collaboration with Transformers

During this Monday the new season of Overwatch 2 was announced, which will be called Super Mega Ultrawatch and will arrive on June 20.

Within the framework of the announcement and the news that it will bring to the game, it was announced that the game will soon have aA collaboration with the acclaimed giant robot franchise, Transformers.

Although at the moment the details of the collaboration are unknown, it is likely that it will involve skins for the different characters as has happened in the past.

Season 11

As for the new season, the 11th that the video game will have, it will have a superhero theme in the purest Power Rangers style, this is how Different based skins will arrive for the heroes, each with its own color.

Along with this, a series of skins based on lifeguards were also released, with the characters running in slow motion like the Baywatch. Finally, as announced to celebrate 100 million players, the ‘Pink Mercy’ skin will return.

As they mention about the season…

“Use your Mythic Prisms to unlock the new Mythic Calamity Empress Ashe hero skin or the upcoming Mythic Bound Demon Reinhardt weapon skin.

Pink Mercy is back! Celebrate 100 million players and champion a heroic cause with the Pink Mercy skin and the new Rose Gold Mercy bundle. Have fun in Community Crafted mode with unique balance changes designed by your favorite streamers. And continue the celebrations by completing challenges to unlock the Aztec Sombra pack.

But that is not all! Explore our newest Push map, Runasapi, Colosseo changes, new Hero Mastery courses, Summer Games 2024, the newest lifeguard skins, and much more.”

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