fluid, smells great and costs 15 euros

fluid, smells great and costs 15 euros
fluid, smells great and costs 15 euros

In summer (and the rest of the year too) stains They are one of the signs of aging that worries women the most. Especially at this time of year because it is when most – but not only – we must focus on the use and reapplication of the appropriate products to prevent their appearance and prevent existing ones from darkening.

And there the Solar protection it’s key. No matter how old we are and much more so after 40 or 50 years, it is important to include in the daily care ritual a very high protection sun treatment with depigmenting technology and specific for spots. The sun has positive but also negative effects, so photoprotection is key to reducing its impact on our face.

Exposure to the sun not only causes and accelerates premature aging of the skin (spots, wrinkles, sagging, etc.) but also the famous cancer, so we must apply a sunscreen with an SPF suitable for our skin type and specific needs.

Why do stains appear?

According to skin experts, we can distinguish between types of spots, but the main ones are caused by exposure to ultraviolet rays (solar lentigines). When these come into contact with the skin, cells called melanocyteswhich are found in the deepest layer of the epidermis and serve as natural protection for the skin, but when they receive a large amount of UV rays, they alter and multiply, giving rise to the dreaded spots.

There’s a solution? Those who already have those spots on their skin wonder… The key will be correct protection and prevention in the first place.

  • Always use sunscreen: No matter the season or the weather, it is necessary to apply this product every time we leave the house. And do it the right way and with the right amount (follow the two-finger rule).
  • Regulate exposure time: avoid the middle hours of the day and long periods.
  • Let’s not forget reapply every two hours especially and after baths if the product we use is not waterproof or water resistant.
  • Also use physical barriers such as all types of cap, cap or hat and umbrella.
  • Maintain adequate hydration levels.
  • And to reduce existing stains you can use specific cabin treatments, devices that you can have at home such as gadgets with LED light (especially the green one) and cosmetics with most effective depigmenting ingredients. List some of the best known: nicacinamide, tranexamic acid, vitamin C, licorice extract, kojic acid, retinol, etc.

Top sales on Amazon: anti-spot sun cream +50

This sunscreen in Bella Aurora gel-cream with SPF50 It is a specific protection to combat blemishes available for skin with a mixed-oily tendency and for normal-dry skin.

It provides high protection against UVA, UVB, HEV and infrared (IR) solar radiation thanks to its broad-spectrum and microencapsulated sun filters. Why do 50-year-olds love her? because your Light, fast-absorbing texture and matte finish that does not leave unwanted shine.

Includes powerful depigmenting active ingredients that treat existing spots and reduce them, but also helps avoid new ones. Soothes the skin during sun exposure, reduces inflammation and creates a powerful cellular protection against free radicals that promote the signs of photoaging.

It costs €15.27 discounted on Amazon


More anti-stain sunscreens that we use in the editorial office

If you are one of those who hate creams with sticky or greasy textures, this fluid is a very interesting option to prevent and improve spots. Bariésan anti-stain fluid SPF 50+ from Uriage It also prevents cellular damage and photoaging. Ideal for those who worry about spots because its formula combines anti-spot, antioxidant and soothing active ingredients, unifies the complexion and reduces pigmentation defects.

It costs €15.11 discounted at Atida Mifarma


For its part, Repaskin Urban 365 depigmenting 50 SPF+ by Sesderma in a fast-absorbing cream-textured sun protection specially formulated to prevent and reduce stains. Contains physical and chemical filters, green tea extract, zinc, azelaic acid, ferulic acid and niacinamide. It is also an anti-pollution product that also protects against blue light.

It costs €16.71 discounted at Primor


And if you are one of those who have become fond of sticks (there are already several here who do not want to live without this format, both in sunscreens and in other types of cosmetics and makeup products), this one Esthederm Institute it is what you are looking for. Is called Photo Reverse Stick SPF50+ and it is a photoprotector that protects, prevents and acts on solar lentigo while progressively attenuating skin tone.

The convenience of the stick allows it to be applied on the more sensitive and sun-exposed areas such as the contour of the eyes, lips, neckline and hands. Plus it’s waterproof!

It costs €36.49 reduced at Promo Farma


*Prices updated on June 15, 2024

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