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Siri’s artificial intelligence would not arrive this year

Siri’s artificial intelligence would not arrive this year
Siri’s artificial intelligence would not arrive this year

02:33 PM

Apple will continue working on some of the new features powered by generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Siri during this year, so they will not be part of the first version of iOS and will not arrive until 2025, as Mark Gurman recently announced.

The company announced what the new functionalities of its assistant would be last Monday, within the framework of the Annual Developers Conference (WWDC 2024), in which it also discussed what the new features of its operating systems would be.

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Many of them are part of its Apple Intelligence ecosystem, which promises to offer users a “powerful, intuitive, integrated, personal and private” experience powered by AI willing to understand the needs and context of users.

These features are expected to arrive in the fall, although they won’t be testable until later this summer, meaning they won’t be built into the first beta versions of iOS 18, iPadOS 18, and macOS Sequoia.

This is what analyst Mark Gurman has pointed out in his latest newsletter Power Onwhere it has indicated that when this ‘software’ is launched it will arrive with a preview and that, in some cases, users will have to join a waiting list to use these features.

He has also commented on news related to Siri, Apple’s assistant, which will be responsible for channeling options powered by generative AI to offer more natural and personalized communication, as the firm advanced at WWDC.

Soon, Siri will be able to understand the users’ context and, if you want to know what time a family member will land, it will be able to search for flight data and compare it with real-time tracking information to indicate an arrival time. .

The assistant will also be able to control the applications individually. In that way, It will be possible to ask you to search our gallery for photos of a person wearing a specific item of clothingedit it and attach it to a document or summarize a meeting, among other capabilities.

Gurman has commented that These and other Siri skills “probably won’t arrive until 2025”, as noted by several employees involved in the development of Apple’s AI; and that the version that is released this year with iOS 18 will only have some less specific functionalities. For example, it will include support for written communications and allow switching from text to speech.

The journalist also recalled that Apple Intelligence, which will be launched in English, will register other languages ​​and reach more regions next year. Likewise, the firm will delay to the end of this year new developments such as those related to Mail, which has been redesigned and can now group emails into categories; o Swift Assist, a programming tool for Xcode.

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