all about Recharge, the Resurgence of COD according to Epic Games

all about Recharge, the Resurgence of COD according to Epic Games
all about Recharge, the Resurgence of COD according to Epic Games

More comebacks, more action and iconic locations

Metallica’s concerts and mega-events are a perfect hook to return to Fortnite, but what keeps Epic Games’ Battle Royale on top is based on two premises: expanding and evolving. Last year we saw the game become a platform adding new experiences, including a LEGO one and a racing game. Now welcome to a new mode: Recharge.

For all intents and purposes, the addition of Reload is a step in the right direction: it is a controlled risk since at its core the main mechanic is based on COD Warzone’s Resurgence mode and its premise puts a twist on the traditional concept of Battle Royale: instead of being a knockout format – with exceptions – now the respawns on the map will be constant. Which, logically, forces us to create a new map so that things don’t get out of control.

The essential: the comebacks were already present in Fortnite and Reload can be played in both Construction and Zero Construction. What now changes is that as long as there is at least one member of the squad active, the rest will continue to return to the game thanks to cracks. Consequently, having more respawns opens up new possibilities and a new dynamic for the game that allows Epic to add more powerful weapons, favoring raw action over strategy.

That said, Reload’s free respawn bar has a limit: there is now a reset timer, so if we are eliminated we have to wait 30 seconds to return to the game and, in the final stages, 40 seconds. However, it is possible to reduce this time if teammates who are still active take the initiative: knocking down an opponent cuts two seconds, eliminating them four seconds, and killing an entire team saves 10 seconds.

Logically, these new rules would make the games of Fortnite eternal, with which Epic adds two additional rules: the option to respawn will disappear in the final stages of the game and, for the occasion, it has been created a new smaller map, without vehicles, and filled with iconic locations (including Pisos Picados) and optimized for 40 players. That said, the bottom line prevails: the last squad standing wins.

Recharge mode Fortnite It is available more or less coinciding with Metallica’s first concert and is an opportunity to offer a more permissive experience for new players and direct action for those who want more intense games. In this sense, Epic does not give a single stitch and for both player profiles it will add introductory missions that translate into 20,000 experience points and a batch of thematic prizes.

  • By completing 3 Recharge missions you obtain the Aerial Cyber ​​Combat
  • By completing 6 Recharge missions you obtain the Aquatic cubes packaging
  • By completing 9 Recharge missions you obtain the Bathtub backpacking accessory

Fortnite He knows that summer and vacation are just around the corner, and he has plans for us to spend those extra hours on his Battle Royale. Reloading is a good move in the right direction. All in all, we’re looking forward to finding out what Epic’s next big game collaboration will be. Except Nintendo characters, Any thing is possible.

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