Topuria, ironic with Volkanovski: “This guy says you can beat me, Max”

Topuria, ironic with Volkanovski: “This guy says you can beat me, Max”
Topuria, ironic with Volkanovski: “This guy says you can beat me, Max”

While Ilia Topuria’s next fight takes shape, ‘El Matador’ does not go unnoticed. This Wednesday, the Hispanic-Georgian remembered his victory against Alexander Volkanovski on Instagram. And he didn’t do it just because. With a photo of his impressive KO, he used irony to respond to the Australian, who put Max Holloway as a favorite in a possible confrontation against Topuria. “I think Max wins that fight, yeah. Topuria is very dangerous, a great fighter… But I don’t think he’s as good as he thinks. Really, I can’t say much, because he beat me (laughs). I know I can do it too,” Volkanovski said in the preview of UFC 301. “This guy says you can beat me, Max,” Ilia replied on the aforementioned social network.

At the moment, it is not certain that Holloway will be Topuria’s next rival. The Hawaiian knocked out Justin Gaethje in the last second of the last round to take the BMF title from himthe belt that defines the company’s ‘baddest’ fighter, at UFC 300. He asked ‘El Matador’ and the Hispanic-Georgian accepted, but nothing has been finalized yet. In fact, this week, the trainers of the current featherweight monarchin conversation with AS, they pointed to Brian Ortega as the next step.

“You are not doing the right thing”

Everything is up in the air, something that Volkanovski also commented. “Right now, he’s saying ‘no’ to everyone. He’s saying no to Max Holloway, to Brian Ortega, to me, whatever. He doesn’t want to come to Australia, that’s fine, but he says ‘no’ to everyone. He says: ‘I don’t want to fight any of the contenders… I want to fight Conor McGregor.’ Having the belt comes with responsibility. A pressure. “You can’t just say ‘no, no, no’, that’s crazy, he’s not doing things the right way,” he reproached him. the Australian to Topuria, who he says is not “a bad guy”, but with whom he was harsh in sports. “He still has much more to prove,” he concluded.

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