BenQ RD240Q is the world’s first monitor designed for coders: Price, specs and more

Display technology brand BenQ has unveiled its latest RD240Q monitor which is the first-ever range of monitors specifically engineered for programmers and developers. The RD240Q is designed with BenQ$B!G (Bs unique Fine-Coated Panel) which features advanced anti-glare and anti-reflective properties tailored for coding, offering developers an improved coding experience. Here are all the details about the monitor.

BenQ RD240Q: Price and availability

Priced at Rs 31,990, the BenQ RD240Q is set to launch by late May. The monitor will be available at the BenQ e-store, Amazon and leading gadget and IT retailers. Interested customers can start pre-ordering the monitor exclusively at the BenQ E-store.

BenQ RD240Q: Key highlights
The RD240Q is equipped with BenQ’s proprietary coding mode, which enhances text clarity, making coding easier in various lighting conditions and themes. This feature is crucial for developers working in diverse software development environments. Additionally, the monitor includes a Coding HotKey that aids programmers in achieving a deep, focused state of flow, enhancing productivity, particularly for experienced developers.

The monitor features a 24.1-inch display with a 16:10 aspect ratio WQXGA, allowing more lines of code to be displayed vertically, and offers both ergonomically adjustable and fixed stand options. It is also equipped with a KVM switch, multi-stream transport, and BenQ’s suite of productivity software.

The RD Series also focuses on comfort, incorporating Night Hours Protection technology that combines minimal brightness settings, an eye-care filter, dark room optimization, and Brightness Intelligence Gen2, which automatically adjusts to ambient lighting.

Other key features of the BenQ RD240Q monitor include:

  • Productivity-focused aspect ratio – 16:10
  • WQXGA(2560 x 1600) resolution with 95% P3 for visual brilliance
  • Fine-Coated anti-glare, anti-reflective panel with EyeCare for clear coding
  • Coding mode with crystal-clear fonts for light/dark themes
  • Night Hours Protection with auto brightness intelligence
  • KVM switch, multi-stream transport, productivity suite software
  • Ergonomic adjustability and recycled materials construction
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