The other election in the US equally or more important than the Biden-Trump contest

The other election in the US equally or more important than the Biden-Trump contest
The other election in the US equally or more important than the Biden-Trump contest

While all the spotlights are focused on each word of donald trump and in every step of Joe Biden There is another contest that will define the presidency of one politician or another: that of control by the Senate of USA.

The American presidential system assigns the Congress and especially to Senateunder the principles of checks and balances (checks and balances) a power with the capacity to stop and in many cases immobilize the tenant of the White House.

In the ongoing rematch between trump and Bidenit goes unnoticed that the control of Senate of USA It is also at stake in the November elections with a total of 34 seats, which puts the current Democratic majority in danger.

Democrats will have to defend 23 seats, including two held by independents who are part of their caucus

Those of Biden They currently have 51 of the 100 seats in the Senate compared to 49 for the Republicans. However, the majority of seats up for grabs in the November elections are held by Democrats while the Republican Party has less to lose and a lot to gain regardless of whether trump conquer or not White House.

The priority objectives of the Republicans are Mountain and Ohiowhere Democratic senators Jon Tester and Sherrod Brown They have held their seats for several terms and show severe attrition among voters.

In the case of Mountainthe Republican challenger is Tim Sheehya war veteran Iraq and Afghanistan which earned him the award Purple Heart Medalthe highest distinction awarded by the president of the USA to those who are injured or killed in service to the country.

The Republican challenger in Ohio He is a Hispanic who represents the “American dream”, Bernardo Morenoborn in Bogota and became a US citizen at age 18 after his family immigrated to USA Now, Dark He is a millionaire technology entrepreneur.

Jacob Rubashkinof Inside Electionshe told the portal Washington News Bureau Democrats must take into account how close the last two presidential elections were when planning how to preserve their majority in the Senate.

«Democrats are playing defense not only in the states they won donald trump in 2020,” he said Rubashkinpointing out that the former president trump won in Ohio and Mountain. «[Los demócratas] They are also on the defensive in a lot of states that were very close at the presidential level, both in 2016 and 2020, and perhaps even in some states where Republicans did well with candidate recruitment” in places where they will not do well at the presidential vote level.

The truth is that the Democrats are already preparing for a defeat in W.V.a state that trump won by almost 39 points in 2020. Democratic senator Joe Manchin announced that he will not run for office again, paving the way for a Republican victory in November.

According to Washington News Bureauthe only possible victory for the Democrats would be in Texaswhere the Republican senator Ted Cruz He is running for his third term and faces a tight race against Congressman Collin Allred, a lawyer and charismatic former American football player.

Allred He comfortably won the Democratic primaries in March and the Democrats are confident in the victory of the former player of the NFL who already won a seat in the House of Representatives of the area of dallas in 2018.

According to polls, Allred is 6 points behind Cruz, while Biden is 11 behind Trump

A survey published in April by the Wall Street Journaldid not show a clear favorite at the presidential level in Nevada, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsinbut in Arizona, trump had a slight advantage. Therefore, Republicans have a good chance of flipping these seats in the Senatebut they are not as strong as your chances of winning in W.V., Mountain and Ohio.

In Snowfall precisely, trump last week endorsed the retired army captain Sam Brown in the race for Senate. The former Republican president pointed out on his network Social Truth that brown He was a “fearless American patriot” and highlighted his Purple Heart medal. He also said the former military man “will fight tirelessly” for several of his priorities, including border security and growing the economy.

Although the map of Senate favors the Republican PartyDemocrats maintain that their candidates are well positioned to outperform the votes that his own party may garner. Biden. Republicans, for their part, have worked to recruit candidates who can at least partially finance their own elections. In any case, the battle is just beginning.

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