Transportadora Gas del Norte (TGN) published its 2023 sustainability report

· To contribute to energy security in northern Argentina, the reversal of two compressor plants was completed, which allowed the gas transportation capacity between Santa Fe and Córdoba to be increased by 40%.

· In the climate dimension, a specialized team carried out surveys in compression facilities, risk assessment, improvements in GHG inventories and infrared technology for the detection of fugitive emissions.

· Through social investment programs, more than 7,500 people in 17 provinces participated in some of the company’s proposals.

· Work was carried out on a new human rights policy to strengthen the commitment with different actors in the value chain.

Buenos Aires, May 20, 2024.- TGN published its 24th Sustainability Report this month, in which it summarizes the objectives, achievements and challenges of its management during 2023 and reaffirms its commitment to the ten principles of the United Nations Global Compact .

The report takes into consideration the fundamental matters of the gas transportation service, its role in the supply chain and the approach strategies to contribute to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The information is based on the GRI 2 and GRI 11 Standards. The indicators and protocols applied are related to the operations carried out.

“In the global context and in response to the challenges of the local and regional market, TGN makes efforts to adopt practices that minimize environmental impacts, contribute to the development of communities and strengthen the sustainability of the energy supply,” said Daniel Ridelener, General Director. of TGN, the largest regional gas pipeline operator in the country.

TGN System – With 11,000 km, our gas pipeline network is the largest in Argentina and one of the most extensive in South America (see more)

In this sense, the company reported that in 2023 works were carried out that allowed changing the configuration of the Tío Pujio and Leones compressor plants, thus modifying the direction of a section of the Northern Gas Pipeline (between the south of Santa Fe and the center of the province of Córdoba) to increase the transport capacity of the fluid by 40% and achieve supply to industries, power generation plants and homes in that region.

Likewise, to ensure the provision of the natural gas transportation service, the Integrity Management Program (PGI) carried out coating replacements and hydraulic tests on pipes in addition to retrofitting works at river crossings such as the Vipos (Tucumán) and the Lavayén ( Jujuy) and in the Balbuena stream (Salta). As a complement, its Damage Prevention Plan generated almost 1,000 door-to-door visits nationwide, responded to more than 250 interference requests and provided workshops and talks to 120 entities.

“During this year, using ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) criteria, TGN carried out a review of its main policies, risk analysis based on double materiality, with the purpose of making its operations and business management more efficient, contributing with a triple positive impact that promotes the fair energy transition,” added Iván Hansen, Public Affairs Manager, highlighting the adoption of the approach also in the process of preparing the Report.


With a focus on climate action, efforts in this period focused on the generation of knowledge. Within this framework, objectives were set for the study and review of internal processes, which among other issues addressed the management of GHG emissions, data governance, inventories and emission sources, compression facilities were also surveyed, Climate risks and diagnoses were analyzed with inventory results, in collaboration with two specialized consulting firms.

Since 2020, TGN has registered its Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions Inventory annually, covering scopes 1 and 2, based on the GHG Protocol. Direct GHG emissions originate, mainly, as a consequence of the combustion gases released by the compression and electrical generation equipment for the safety of the facilities. The total natural gas transported throughout the system was 18,041 MMm3; the total GHG emissions: 1,117,043 t CO2eq and those of scope 1, 1,116,595 t CO2eq.

At the social level, actions were carried out in 17 provinces, which reached 90 municipal or departmental localities. More than 7,700 participants, including students and teachers, took part in the activities, in which 81 volunteers, all company collaborators, contributed. To celebrate its 30th anniversary, throughout the year, the 30 years | 30 schools that combined knowledge, diagnosis and action by putting concepts such as energy efficiency into practice in 30 technical schools, highlighting the role of gas in the energy transition and facilitating the incorporation of renewable energy devices.

The Value Chain program was in its 16th edition and was finalized with the participation of 15 small companies from 6 provinces.

“The activities and processes reported, like the positive impact of all the indicators, are the result of the coordinated effort of many people who work at TGN, in different areas and locations, all of them committed to the responsibility of managing,” thanked Claudio Moreno, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility of the company.

Link to the 2023 Sustainability Report

Link to the launch video, Sustainability Report 2023


TGN is the regional pipeline operator and provider of reliable solutions for the development of energy projects.

It operates and maintains around 11,100 km of high pressure gas pipelines and 21 compressor plants and is responsible for transporting 40% of the gas injected into Argentine trunk gas pipelines through the North and Central West Gas Pipelines.

Its strategic geographical location in the country and the region makes it the only operator that links its gas pipelines at a regional level with Chile, Brazil, Bolivia and Uruguay.

Its solid experience in the industry and a highly qualified team of professionals allows it to provide highly specific services for the national and regional industry.

The controlling shareholder of TGN is Gasinvest SA (a company formed in equal parts by Tecpetrol S.L. and Companía General de Combustibles S.A.) which owns 56% of the share capital; 24% belongs to Southern Cone Energy Holding Company Inc. and the remaining 20% ​​is listed on Stock Exchanges and Markets. Argentinos SA(BYMA).

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